For your indicators and custom strategies on TradingView to be able to place and cancel orders, check or close positions etc. on an exchange through ProfitView, you have to create an alert on TradingView (Alt+A) and put either the name of a script you defined in the ProfitView options window under Setup: PV Alerts or some of the commands listed under Setup: Commands directly into its Message section!

Whenever TradingView then triggers one of those alerts, ProfitView will intercept¹ it and look up each line of the message (= the TV alerts Message section) as the name of a PV Alert to be triggered (and optionally filtered according to its filter options) — if a matching PV Alert cannot be found the commands in the message are executed directly, which is referred to as a legacy alert by ProfitView!

¹ This is done by directly listening to TradingViews event stream and also intercepting events in any open TradingView tabs as a backup; you have to log in to your TradingView account at least once while ProfitView is installed for it to get the necessary credentials!

ProfitView Open Close Cross Indicator

➤ Click here for OCC Standard Entry Syntax!

Please configure the alert conditions in TradingView accordingly!

Available Commands

Please see Setup: Commands in the app itself for an up to date list of available commands!


Always double check that you are using the right syntax/alert!