Chrome Web Store (1.3.65)

1.3.64 – 31/5/2024
- Migrated logging from deprecated WebSQL to IndexedDB (fixing log being empty with Chrome v125+)
- Fixed calculation of "lastprice", "lastprofit" and "lastpnl" variables for save function when used with positions (eg. check=pos save)
- TV Indicator Settings: Fixed broken export to file (text/JSON) due to recent TV update

1.3.63 – 15/5/2024
- BitMEX: Fixed market orders leading to "invalid timeInForce" error due to API change
- BitMEX: Fixed open positions found with size of 0 under certain conditions due to API change
- KuCoin Spot/Margin: Fixed incorrect warning about too high/low order size

1.3.62 – 31/3/2024
- Added syntax option cr=1 (or reverse / nonmatch) to inverse filtering of orders and positions (check/cancel/close commands)
- Added search and replace function to alert editor (via right-click context menu and Ctrl+F / Ctrl+H hotkeys)
- Added more functions to alert editor right-click context menu including hotkeys (toggle comment, indentation etc.)
- Added syntax option "since=cbar" to use the closest bar start time when processing started as reference for time checks instead of bar time provided by TV
- Added options to ignore missing exchange permissions and account name errors (when disabling them on purpose eg. testing/load balancing etc.)
- Corrected stop placement in "Open Positions" wizard for exchanges that support "Stops on Fill" (sl=/tp= with entry: Bybit, OANDA, Phemex, SimpleFX)
- Disabled simple limit TP for "Place stops immediately" option in "Open Positions" wizard since reduce-only limit orders require an open position
- Fixed some input problems in "Open Positions" wizard dialog and added action button to cancel orders without an open position
- Improved log output for min/max balance checks (minb=/maxb=)
- Telegram Bot: Changed whitelist behaviour, if empty (default) the bot will react to NO messages
- Telegram Bot: Added support for user names in whitelist
- TV Indicator Settings: Added hotkeys for "Save as" (Ctrl+S) and "Load from" (Ctrl+O) commands
- TV Indicator Settings: Fixed some cases of the button and context menu not being loaded correctly
- Binance Futures: Fixed incorrect symbol mapping for PERPUSDT
- Binance Futures: Fixed incorrect available balance in some account states
- BitMEX Testnet: Workaround for "filter columns are not valid" error
- Bybit v5: Fixed USDC "params error" when querying position info for Non-UTA accounts
- Bybit v3: Fixed spot market order placement error
- Bybit v3/v5: Fixed order placement error when using leftover quantity option
- Bybit v3/v5: Ignoring "order does not exist" error caused by server side API caching issues
- Deribit: Added support for reduce-only order filtering (cancel/check=order r=0 / r=1)
- Deribit: Added TV spot symbol name mapping (eg. DERIBIT:BTCUSD.P => DERIBIT:BTC-PERPETUAL)
- Gemini: Updated market data
- Kraken Futures: Fixed custom order ids (via order id cache) not working for stops due to API change
- Kraken Futures: Workaround for error when requesting tickers after exchange maintenance (old data cached by browser)
- KuCoin Spot/Margin: Fixed lastqty variable and notification placeholders ({price} etc.) not working for live orders
- Bittrex: Removed

1.3.59 – 15/11/2023
- Added function to remove stored account balance info to both the account configuration and popup window (via right-click context menu)
- Added option to place stops immediately with entry (not using close=pos) to "Open Positions" wizard
- Added syntax shorthands for yield/unit: q=50%p => yield=pos // q=50%e => yield=equity // q=50$ => unit=currency
- Fixed calculation of "lastqtysum" / "lastavg" variables for save function with normal orders using yield=pos (using pos AND new order data)
- Fixed pr=pos using old entry price for close=pos when yield=pos or pr=pos was previously used with a normal order in the same alert
- Added skipping of balance queries when using absolute quantity (also lastqty) or yield=pos (less API calls!)
- Added logging of position info queried for normal order when using yield=pos or pr=pos
- Fixed stored balances sometimes not being removed correctly when an account was removed
- Bybit v5: Made ex=bybit5 the default for alerts from Bybit charts
- Bybit v5: Implemented querying max borrow amount for spot cross margin trades (eg. sym=btcusdts long=100%; not used for y=equity!)
- Bybit v5: Fixed lastqty variable and notification placeholders ({price} etc.) not working for live orders
- Bybit v3: Upgraded discontinued v2 to newer v3 endpoints (Note: still highly recommended to migrate to newer v5 API!)
- Binance Futures: Fixed available balance being reported as zero in some account states
- Gemini: Updated market data
- KuCoin Margin: Added support to specify auto repay for margin orders (via mt=repay)

1.3.57 – 30/10/2023
- Implemented workaround for deprecation of Web SQL in Chrome v119 (used for logging)
- Bybit v5: Added support for spot cross margin trades
  (use long/short instead of buy/sell or add ismargin=1 on spot markets like BTCUSDTS, leverage can be set as well)

1.3.56 – 10/10/2023
- Entries for deleted or renamed accounts are now removed after data update in position monitor
- Added Telegram markdown character escape ('*' / '_') for built-in error notifications
- Added option to set Bybit v5 as default for alerts from Bybit charts (see General Options / TradingView Connection)
- Bybit v5: Fixed setting leverage not working anymore after API update (@ 1.3.56)
- Bybit v5: Implemented correct cross/isolated switching for Non-UTA accounts (@ 1.3.56)
- Bybit v5: Added support for improved cancel all orders endpoint to reduce API calls (@ 1.3.56)
- Bybit v5: Fixed spot TP/SL/SO order placement and cancelation (@ 1.3.56)
- Bybit v5: Fixed relative position size info not working correctly for Non-UTA accounts
- Bybit v5: Fixed double listing of USDT positions in position monitor and for checkpos sym=*
- Bybit v2 / Bybit v5: Made account test compatible with API keys that have either no spot or no contract trading permissions
  (instead warnings are logged and an error will only be displayed if BOTH permissions are missing)

1.3.54 – 19/9/2023
- Added "Message Prefix" option, alerts without it will be ignored! (see General Options / TradingView Connection)
- Added position monitor buttons to export position info in CSV/Excel format or copy to clipboard (incl. auto export)
- Added clipboard paste functionality for accounts via buttons and right-click context menu
- Fixed Ctrl+Q hotkey to delete accounts not working
- Increased popup width and added text trimming for better support of long account names
- Added filter to target all non reduce-only orders (cancel/check=order r=0)
- Improved exchange auto-detection for [accs] placeholder
  (eg. pvalert(ex=bybitv5,ap="[accs]") now inserts Bybit V5 accounts instead of alert/chart source)
- Bybit V5: Added support for Non-UTA (Standard / Legacy) accounts (auto-detect / beta!)
- Gemini: Updated market data
- OANDA: Added support for reduce-only order filtering (cancel/check=order r=0 / r=1)
- OKX: Fixed custom order id filter not working (check/cancel=order id=...)
- OKX: Improved unique custom order id generation to mitigate "algoClOrdId already exists" errors
  (native custom order id support for stop orders was added in 1.3.47)
- Phemex: Quickfix for "Cannot read properties" error introduced in 1.3.53 update

1.3.52 – 25/8/2023
- Added Bybit V5 API (UTA) support (beta!) (fixes @ 1.3.51)
  (unified margin balance is named USD[M] / balances for inverse contracts have [CT] suffix)
- Added indicator for unsaved alert or account changes and prevent accidental reload of options window
- Added Shift-Click shortcut to Close button in position monitor and popup to adjust TP/SL
- Added Ctrl-Click shortcut to Close button in position monitor and popup to cancel orders
- Added liquidation price and "coin size" tooltips to position monitor
- Added context menu with all available operations to position monitor
- Added option to cancel only limit orders or stops to "Open Positions" wizard (quantity 0 => only cancel)
- Added separate auto saved quantity for "Add" action in "Open Positions" wizard (default 100%)
- Fixed wrong or missing display of balance info in "Open Positions" wizard for some markets
- Improved display of hedged/oneway and cross/isolated info in position monitor
- Implemented auto saving of position monitor data, persistent between restarts
- Implemented workaround for broken Telegram markdown character escape ('*' / '_')
- Added context menu with all available general operations to the options window (fixes @ 1.3.50)
- Added Shift-Click option to export button to copy all saved balances to clipboard (@ 1.3.50)
- Added support for simple calculations (+, -, *, /) to _var% shortcuts (eg. sl=_myvar%*1.5)
- Added pre-defined NaN variable for preprocessor if/else (eg. [if _myvar = NaN])
- Added "skip" alias to skip next command for if/err conditionals (ifnone=skip => ifnone=1)
- Added number of results (order/pos) and overall number to save function as "lastnum" / "lastnumsum" (@ 1.3.50)
- Fixed error when using "PVALERT(acc=exchange:symbol:account)" in alert message after 1.3.46 update
- Fixed preprocessor if/else left-side number comparison with decimal places (eg. [if 1.5 < high/low-1])
- Fixed preprocessor explicit string compare (*= !*=) not working
- Improved preprocessor placeholder live syntax check for value-divided-by cases (eg. [123 / _myvar])
- Improved preprocessor conditional live syntax check in editor (eg. [if _myvar = "string"])
- TV Indicator Settings: Fixed context menu/button not working due to recent TV update
- Bitfinex: Fixed derivatives position info not working correctly after 1.3.47 update
- Bybit Spot: Fixed incorrect quantity precision for limit orders on some markets
- OANDA: Added custom id support for SL/TP "on fill" parameters with main order (eg. long=5% id=foo sl=123 tp=456)
- OANDA: Experimental workaround for "units specified contain more precision than allowed" error (@ 1.3.52)
- Phemex: Implemented workaround for incorrect PnL calculation with less rate limiting
- Phemex: Fixed position opening (funding) time not available or leading to error

1.3.48 – 18/7/2023
- Fixed Telegram notifications not working for some exchange/action combinations
- Fixed unnecessary retries when wrong or no account was specified
- Fixed account Clone button not reading the current account name
- Added syntax shorthands marketbuy/marketsell/marketlong/marketshort => buy/sell/long/short type=market
- Added syntax shorthands unit=ct/ccy => unit=contracts/currency
- Gemini: Updated market data

1.3.47 – 5/7/2023
- Alert editor "Filter by name" now also searches for alert id
- Improved dynamic scaling of position monitor data
- Fixed incorrect syntax warnings for several price reference options
- Added support for amount with closeall/marketcloseall (eg. marketcloseall=50% => close=pos type=market sym=* quantity=50%)
- Added syntax shorthand mc/marketclose/closemarket => close=pos type=market (optional with quantity)
- Added syntax shorthand limit/market => type=limit/market
- Added option to specify value for shorthand cached (eg. long cached=0 => b=long bc=0 pc=0)
- Added option for market stop TP to "Open Positions" wizard
- Added auto saving of quantity and leverage (can be empty!) to "Open Positions" wizard
- TV Indicator Settings: Improved naming of exported settings and screenshots
- Binance Futures: Added update time to position info and support for cmo=newest/oldest
- Binance Futures Testnet: Implemented workaround for random "System error"
- Bybit: Added TV spot symbol name mapping (eg. BYBIT:BTCUSDT => BYBIT:BTCUSDTS)
- Kraken Spot/Margin: Added support for reduce only orders
- KuCoin Margin: Fixed error in loan syntax command
- OANDA: Added support for dedicated close API call to fix "more precision than allowed" error (close=pos type=market)
- OKX: Added support for trailing stops (ts=distance, optionally so=activation)
- OKX: Added support for stop trigger reference option sr= (default is sr=last)
- OKX: Added support to specify auto borrow/repay for margin orders (via mt=borrow/repay)
- OKX Futures/Swap: Added support to switch position mode (via pm=hedge/normal) and improved auto detect
- OKX Futures/Swap: Fixed "Trigger orders are not available" when placing single stop orders in "One-way mode"
- Phemex: Corrected all stops, allowing for SL/TP on-fill with opening orders (price=.. sl=.. tp=..) (optionally so=activation)
- Phemex: Fixed order cancelation with SL/TP filtering (eg. cancel=sl / c=order sl=1)
- Phemex: Fixed zero size position found/shown when no position open
- Phemex: Fixed time sync data not being used

1.3.46 – 31/5/2023
- Added support for Kraken Flexible Futures w/variable leverage (beta) (use mt=crossed/isolated for margin type)
- Added support for Phemex Hedged Contract USDT API (beta) (use pm=hedge/normal for position mode)
- Added bid-ask spread check syntax options (minsp / maxsp / ifminsp / ifmaxsp / spa / spb)
- Added syntax shorthand c/ch/close/check=123% => c/ch/close/check=pos q=123%
- Added syntax aliases pm=oneway => pm=normal / mt=iso => mt=isolated / mt=cross => mt=crossed
- Telegram Bot: Added event stream loss/reconnect info to status message
- TV Indicator Settings: Split text and JSON copy/export into separate menu entries
- TV Indicator Settings: Added PV button as alternative to right-click context menu
- TV Indicator Settings / TV Alert Dialog: Styling fixes (TV update)
- Improved some error messages and documentation
- Binance Futures: Made trailing stops easier to use with "so=activation ts=distance" (instead of cbrate)
- Binance Futures / Bybit / Phemex: Added hedge mode/side info to position monitor
- Binance / KuCoin / Deribit: Added support for minq/maxq (quantity limits) for transfer, loan and repay commands
- BitMEX / Bybit / Deribit / Kraken Futures / Phemex: Improved symbol type naming
- Bitfinex: Added support for sym=* and made margin/future positions visible in position monitor
- Bitfinex: Fixed SL/TP/SO stops, added support for limit stops and OCO orders (both sl= and tp=)
- Bitfinex: Fixed compatibility with newer markets, paper trading and margin/future orders & balances
- Bitfinex: Fixed errors on order cancelation
- Bitfinex: Added new TV symbol name mapping (eg. BITFINEX:BTCUST.P => BITFINEX:BTCF0USTF0)
- Bybit: Fixed error when placing order and switching from hedged to one-way mode at the same time
- Bybit: Fixed per market maximum leverage check
- Bybit Spot: Fixed price precision error for limit buy orders on some markets
- Bybit Spot: Fixed filtering for stops on order cancelation
- Gemini: Updated market data
- Kraken Futures: Added support for trailing stops
- Kraken Futures: Added new TV symbol name mapping (eg. KRAKEN:BTCUSD.PM => KRAKENFT:PF_XBTUSD)
- KuCoin Margin: Implemented correct balance handling for isolated margin trades
- KuCoin Margin: Using 1x leverage when mt=borrow is NOT specified or iso=1 is used (doesn't support auto-borrow!)
- KuCoin Margin: Added support for dedicated loan and repay commands
- KuCoin Margin: Fixed error when placing market orders (quote instead of base currency sizing)
- OANDA: Fixed save syntax option (lastqty variable) for short orders
- Phemex: Added support for using both cross and isolated variable leverage via mt=crossed/isolated
- Phemex: Added support for using high ratelimit endpoint (optionally, enabled per account)
- Phemex: Added automatic splitting of orders bigger than the contract limit (beta)
- Phemex: Added support for bulk order cancelation on all markets
- Phemex: Added new TV symbol name mappings (eg. BTCUSD.P => UBTCUSD, SOLUSDT.P => SOLUSDT, TRXUSDT => STRXUSDT etc.)
- SimpleFX: Implemented automatic renewal of expired authorization token (fixes @ 1.3.46)

1.3.44 – 4/4/2023
- Fixed TradingView Event Stream reconnecting every 60 minutes (TV update)
- Syntax options ismargin / iso / mt can now be all set as defaults
- KuCoin: Reduced number of API requests for c/ch=order (for margin orders use either side=long/short or add ismargin=1,
  to only target isolated margin add iso=1, to only target crossed margin add iso=0)

1.3.43 – 31/3/2023
- Made custom plot values as % more user-friendly eg. sl=[-]_someplot% (before sl=[-][_someplot]%)
- Added price ticker data to save syntax option, useable as refs (eg. for "updateprice save" command – lastbid/lastask/lastmid)
- Fixed maxslip= check assuming correct trade direction for some edge cases
- Fixed maxslipref=bid/ask working correctly with cached ticker data
- Fixed newer conditional options (eg. maxslip=) to be correctly treated as errors when explicit "if.." (ifslip= etc.) not specified
- Added margin/ismargin syntax option to force margin mode for markets with both spot & margin (eg. OKX BTCUSDT "check=pos margin")
- Added quantity type / base currency to position monitor where available
- Fixed retrydelay=/rd= syntax option having no effect
- Fixed TradingView Pine Editor hanging with ProfitView TV Addon installed (TV update)
- Binance Futures: Fixed symbol naming (eg. BTCH2023 => BTCUSDH2023)
- Binance Futures: Added new TV symbol name mapping (eg. BINANCE:BTCUSDT.P => BINANCEFT:BTCUSDT)
- BitMEX: Added new TV symbol name mapping (eg. BITMEX:XBTUSD.P => BITMEX:XBTUSD)
- Bybit Futures: Added new TV symbol mapping (eg. BTCUSDH2023 => BTCUSDH23)
- Kraken Futures: Fixed symbol naming (eg. XBTUSD31H => XBTUSDH2023)
- Kraken Futures: Added new TV symbol name mapping (eg. KRAKEN:BTCUSD.P => KRAKENFT:PI_XBTUSD)
- OKX: Added new TV symbol name mapping (eg. OKX:BTCUSD.P => OKX:BTCUSDPERP)
- OKX: Fixed incorrect position size in some cases with open limit orders for position check/monitor

1.3.42 - 25/02/2023
- Fixed automatic time sync option not retrying command correctly in case of a timestamp error
- Fixed log entries from TV script addon module missing in app log
- Fixed '0' added to values in "Open Positions" wizard for absolute price offsets
- Bybit: Fixed "account needed" error for "Symbols" info when no account was defined
- OANDA: Fixed "unsupported type" error for fp= (fixed price) option (only price=@123 worked)
- OKX: Fixed swap/future long positions in "Buy/Sell" account mode always detected as short positions

1.3.41 - 07/02/2023
- Improved retaining of TV event stream token after logging in and out of TV
- Fixed incompatibility with older Chrome versions introduced by previous update (1.3.39)
- Phemex: Improved filtering of open orders to avoid canceling orders for all symbols

1.3.39 - 20/01/2023
- Added notification placeholder _symbols for checks that return multiple orders or positions with different symbols
- Improved minpl/maxpl (PnL) and mins/maxs (size) position checks that were sometimes incorrect and their log outputs
- Added account and ex:sym information to built in error notifications
- Binance Futures: Improved detection of cross margin mode for position check/monitor

1.3.38 - 09/01/2023
- Bybit / Binance Futures: Fixed sym=* (check all markets) throwing timestamp errors for check=pos / close=pos
- Binance Futures: Improved detection of multi asset margin status

1.3.37 - 22/12/2022
- Added options to automatically export configuration, app log and balance infos according to set schedule
- Fixed very small numbers in custom variables being printed in scientific notation (log, notify, placeholders)
- TV Indicator Settings Manager: Added save/load support for input types Symbol, Textarea and Time
- TV Indicator Settings Manager: Styling fixes (TV update) and added improvements for more input types
- TV Indicator Settings Manager: Fixed screenshot function glitches (TV update)
- Bybit / Binance Futures: Corrected position side attribute for reduce only orders not using close=pos in hedge mode
- Coinbase Pro: Fixed very low prices causing order placement error due to scientific notation
- KuCoin: Fixed very low prices causing order placement error due to scientific notation (eg. JARBTC)
- KuCoin Margin: Fixed checking and cancelation of isolated margin orders
- OANDA: Added syntax option pb= to set worst market price allowed for an order to be filled at

1.3.36 - 30/11/2022
- Added buttons to export current balances in CSV or Excel format (see General Options and popup window)
- Telegram Bot: Made sending of execution summary after triggering of alerts or commands optional (enabled by default)
- Fixed certain account names given via yield= for the transfer balance command being changed (eg. "free", "total", "pos")
- Fixed backslashes being inserted into field names containing underline/asterisk for built in Telegram notifications
- Fixed context menu & shortcuts in popup window balances to open/add/close positions sometimes not working
- Increased popup window size
- Added button to clear symbol info cache manually (see General Options)
- Binance Futures: Added automatic splitting of orders bigger than the contract limit (beta)
- Binance Futures: Fixed "available" balance for COIN-M markets always being zero (only yield=equity worked!)
- Binance Futures: Corrected "min notional" check after slight API change
- Bybit / Binance Futures: Added option to specify a delay between automatically split orders (see General Options)
- Deribit: Fixed error in transfer balance command when targeting the main account with yield=
- Deribit: Added listing of available account names/ids when given one is not found by transfer balance command

1.3.35 - 11/10/2022
- Added support for equations to notification placeholders (eg. notify=t:"offset is {price-close}")
- Added new syntax conditionals to check if a PV alert is enabled or disabled (checkalert=alert ifenabled=... / ifdisabled=...)
- Added support for ex:sym to [accs <(ex:(sym:))filter>] account list placeholder (see "Setup: Commands" section "Unified Alerts"!)
- Added option to disable long/short/buy/sell shortcut commands for legacy alerts / direct syntax (disabled now by default!)
- Ignoring '/' at the beginning of custom Telegram bot commands (eg. syntax or PV alert names)
- Changed "Order not found" error on order cancelation to warning only
- Improved error messages when wrong or no account specified or no permission given for exchange
- Fixed PV alerts not found if first line(s) of TV message were empty or commented out
- Fixed escape of some special characters for Telegram notifications
- Fixed division using variables in placeholder calculations triggering a false syntax error
- Fixed price reference options 'even', 'liq' and 'index' (where available) triggering a false syntax error
- Fixed wrong distance for trailing stops when ts is specified as fixed price (ts=@12345)
- Fixed bug in Telegram bot that could lead to endless Telegram request loops
- Compatibility fixes for latest Chrome updates
- TV Indicator Settings Manager: Fixed message dialogs not showing correctly (TV update)
- TV Indicator Settings Manager: Fixed missing exchange, symbol & resolution prefix for saved files (TV update)
- TV Indicator Settings Manager: Adapted indicator dialog styling fixes (TV update)
- Binance/Binance Futures/OKX: Fixed order id check failing for ids containing non-alphanumeric characters
- Binance Spot/Margin: Added support for trailing stop orders
- Binance Spot/Margin: Corrected error for market OCO (SL & TP both provided) orders
- Binance Futures: Added support for Multi Asset mode (beta)
- Binance Futures: Improved symbol browser market type info (COIN-M / USDⓈ-M)
- Binance Margin: Added support for canceling isolated margin orders
- BitMEX: Implemented use of time synchronization data
- Bybit: Fixed ifpartial= conditional not triggering
- Bybit: Corrected maximum order size for post-only orders
- Bybit: Fixed sym=* (all symbols) not working for check=pos / close=pos
- Bybit: Added mapping for changed market names on TV (XXX.P => XXX)
- Deribit: Added support for new markets settled in USDC and SOL
- Gemini: Updated market data
- Kraken Futures: Fixed incorrect quantity precision for some symbols
- KuCoin Margin: Corrected assumed leverage for quantity calculation to 5x (was 10x)
- KuCoin Margin: Fixed cancelation of stop orders
- KuCoin Futures: Corrected error message when wrong or no account specified
- OKX: Fixed relative quantity calculation for some markets (inverse swap etc.)
- OKX: Fixed margin short positions not correctly recognized and limit close not working
- OKX: Added support for mt=crossed / mt=isolated option to specify leverage for cross
- OKX: Fixed order placing error occuring under some circumstances due to API changes
- OKX: Improved unit option for absolute quantities (see "Quantity Units" in Wiki)

1.3.34 - 31/5/2022
- Added syntax shorthands for side w/quantity: buy/sell/long/short=xxx => q=xxx
- Fixed {_side} placeholder in custom notifications
- Fixed modulo (%) and power of (^) not working in simple placeholders (eg. [_plot^5])
- Fixed custom variables in placeholders only working when being lowercase (eg. [_plot] vs [_PLOT])
- Fixed error being logged by Chrome each time a TV tab loads the PV addon
- Bybit: Added automatic splitting of orders bigger than the contract limit (beta)
- Bybit: Added dedicated switch between crossed and isolated margin (independently of leverage) via mt=crossed/isolated (default: no switch)
- Bybit: Added support for trailing stop trigger price (non-USDT only!) via ts=aaa so=bbb (aaa = distance, bbb = trigger)
- Bybit: Implemented auto detection of position mode and changed default for pm= option to "auto"
- Bybit: Fixed "position status not normal" error when trying to change managed SL/TP on linear markets (USDT)
- Bybit: Fixed "position mode" error for non-stop closing orders with hedged positions (close=pos)
- Deribit: Added support for trailing stops (updated API)
- Deribit: Changed TP stops to use dedicated "takeprofit" stop type (updated API)
- Deribit: Use cancel-all API command also for canceling only entry/stop/TP/SL/TS orders
- Deribit: Fixed incorrect leftover order quantity saved with "save" command
- FTX: Added one-by-one fallback when cancel-all API command fails
- KuCoin Margin: Added support for isolated margin order flag (iso=1)
- Phemex: Added support to target trailing stops only (c/ch=order ts=1)

1.3.33 - 18/4/2022
- Added syntax shorthand c/ch=buy/sell => c/ch=order b=buy/sell
- Added warning if new placeholder [accs] doesn't find or match any accounts
- Phemex: Fixed open positions not being found (slight API format change)

1.3.30 - 31/3/2022
- Added new syntax shorthands:
  buy/sell/long/short => side=buy/sell/long/short
  cancel => cancel=order
  close => close=pos
  close=long/short => close=pos side=long/short
  closeall => close=pos sym=*
  iforder=x => check=order iffound=x
  ifnoorder=x => check=order ifnone=x
  ifpos=x => check=pos iffound=x
  ifnopos=x => check=pos ifnone=x
  retrydelay=x => jumpdelay=-x
  echo=x => notify=log:x
  cached => cachedprice cachedbalance
  update => updateprice updatebalance
- Implemented syntax placeholders to work for legacy alerts / direct syntax as well (@ 1.3.30)
- Added new placeholder [accs] that expands to a list of all accounts for an exchange (eg. ap=[accs], see "Setup: Commands"!) (@ 1.3.29)
- Added new run/trigger command variants runen= / triggeren= that check if an alert is enabled before running (@ 1.3.29)
- Added "Disable legacy alerts" option under General Options to ignore all non-PV alerts (@ 1.3.29)
- Added support to trigger PV alerts for multiple accounts in parallel via PVALERT(ap="acc1,acc2,acc3") (fixes @ 1.3.27)
- Added new conditionals iftf= / iftnf= (if timeout and (partially) filled / not filled) (fixes @ 1.3.29)
- Added new conditionals iftp= / iftnp= (if timeout and have position / no position) (fixes @ 1.3.29)
- Added /log command to Telegram bot to query recent log entries
- Added option to Telegram bot to send more log messages/results from triggered commands (enabled by default!)
- Improved "uniqueness" of generated custom order id for alerts called via the run= command (fixes @ 1.3.28)
- Assuming check=pos as command for ifbg/ifsm/ifl/ifs checks if not specified
- Assuming check=order as command for ifp check if not specified
- Added filled/executed quantity as "filled" to saved order data
- Changed loop= syntax command to default to "this" and fixed wrong jump for "this" (repeat from last jump or closest jump mark further up)
- Added shorthand quantity=var@ which sets levcalc=1 to ensure exact quantity (eg. q=lastqty@) (use quantity=@123 for numbers!)
- Added new parameter lc= (levcalc) to specify leverage used for calculations only (eg. q=lastqty lc=1)
- Fixed "cancel" (cancel & continue) option for err= and conditionals resulting in endless loop after canceling orders
- Fixed maxslip check for cases when side= is not explicitly specified for a command
- Fixed {price} placeholder for notifications showing more (calculated) precision on some exchanges than what was sent
- Fixed wrong leverage in notifications when running in test/disabled mode
- Added support for different multipliers/divisors per account when using variable shorthands (eg. q=_var%*2,/3,*1)
- Added support for different addends/subtrahends per account when using variable shorthands (eg. p=_var+2,-3,+1) (fixes @ 1.3.26)
- Added support for '++' / '--' (plus) and '-+' / '+-' (minus) number prefixes (eg. sl=[+][_var]% => sl=+-3%)
- Implemented workaround for bug in Chrome v98 that stopped "Always keep PV options open" from working correctly (+other issues) (fixes @ 1.3.26)
- Added "Force Time Sync" button under General Options to force synchronization of internal clock correction
- Added alert editor option to show/hide advanced filtering options (NOTE: Now hidden by default!)
- Added option to pause/resume all running alerts when pausing/resuming PV through popup menu (Shift-Click on pause button)
- Added support for "power of" to placeholder calculations (eg. q=[base^exp]%)
- Added [this] placeholder always containing the current alert id
- Added support for non-wildcard string comparisons to preprocessor via double quotes (eg. [if acc="*"] to match only *)
- Added notification options to not include custom order ids in built-in notifications
- Fixed processing of comments in syntax to allow "#" and ";" in string literals (eg. custom notifications etc.)
- Made syntax commands and parameters case insensitive (previously lowercase only)
- Adapted indicator dialog styling fixes to latest TV update
- Fixed several slightly incorrect descriptions in "Setup: Commands"
- Added some missing commands to live help
- Binance/Coinbase/Bitfinex/Gemini/KuCoin/Poloniex: Fixed symbol browser error introduced in 1.3.24
- Binance / Binance Futures: Generating shorter unique order ids to avoid custom id errors
- Binance / Binance US: Fixed error when using "last" price (priceref=last) due to API changes
- BitMEX: Fixed notifications often showing maximum market leverage instead of used one
- FTX: Added check/warning for minimum order quantity (if info available for market)
- FTX: Added correct saving of changed leverage when using cached balances
- FTX / FTX US: Added support for time synchronization endpoint (NOTE: Requires re-granting permission!)
- Kraken: Added support for available spot balance (prev. only total equity) via new API command

1.3.24 - 20/1/2022
- Added syntax option "since=bar" to use the current alert bar start (instead of "fired") as reference for time check
- Added support for priceref=pos and maxslipref=pos for maxslip check when used with close=pos command
- Added support for nopos conditional for non-closing orders when using priceref=pos or yield=pos
- Added ifbg/ifsm conditionals to compare current order or position quantity with "lastqty" (saved) variable
- Added minsr/maxsr plot reference for mins/maxs filter (allowing eg. mins=_someplot)
- Added [time] and [date] placeholders for easier time/date checks in preprocessor if/else (eg. [if date > 1200 and time > 0530])
- Fixed "side" being ignored when sent via "PVALERT(side=xxx)" without OHLC data present in last line of alert message
- Fixed saved order data (lastxxx) sometimes not available in notifications (when used without any order or check command)
- Fixed encoding error sometimes occuring for Email notifications (esp. error/warning messages)
- Fixed several API key UI glitches (when newly added key is immediately deleted etc.)
- Added error message to symbol browser in case market symbols can't be updated (eg. OANDA requiring valid API key)
- Binance Futures: Fixed filtering by leverage for check/close=pos never matching and always resulting in no position found
- Bybit: Added support for new one way mode (non-hedge) on linear markets (USDT Perp) via pm=normal order option
- Deribit: Fixed error when using fp (fixed price) filter with open market stop orders
- OKX: Using conditional stops in "net mode" and trigger stops for "long/short mode" (avoiding reduce-only problems)
- OKX: Setting closing orders to reduce-only by default only when supported (avoiding errors)
- OKX: Fixed error when placing OCO stops (both SL and TP given with close=pos)
- OKX: Fixed quantity error (sz) for short closing orders in "net mode"
- OKX: Fixed long positions detected as shorts in "net mode"
- OKX: Added missing relative position sizes in "net mode"
- OKX: Renamed from OKEX and changed URL/endpoints

1.3.23 - 29/11/2021
- Added variable/plot support to transfer command quantity (eg. transfer=usd q=lastpnlsum%)
- Added sum of total closed/checked positions relative PnL to save function as "lastpnlsum" (fixes @ 1.3.23)
- Added sum of all order quantities and overall avg price to save function as "lastqtysum" / "lastavg"
- Added close/check positions option to target all symbols via wildcard (close/check=pos sym=*) (fixes @ 1.3.22)
- Added new order dialog shortcut to balances in popup (Alt-Click / context menu)
- Added new order dialog button to margin exchange accounts
- Fixed syntax option "save" for orders without id when using order id cache
- Added support for different time units to lock syntax expiration and timeframe options (eg. lock=-3h)
- Fixed "cancel/close on error" options sometimes not canceling orders / closing positions
- Improved speed when changing log viewer filter options (@ 1.3.22)
- FTX: Fixed transfer command not printing the transfered and total amounts
- FTX: Fixed transfer command on error not listing available accounts correctly
- Kraken Futures: Fixed error when updating symbol info (caused by new API data)
- Phemex: Added support for ETH margin account balances
- Phemex: Added skipping of random balance query errors (esp. on Testnet)

1.3.20 - 11/11/2021
- Implemented position monitor action buttons (open / add / close / flip) with
  easy to use order dialog including useful options (SL/TP, yield etc.) and syntax builder!
- Added new shorthand options to cancel/check order command for filtering:
  cancel=takeprofit/tp => cancel=order tp=1
  cancel=stoploss/sl => cancel=order sl=1
  cancel=open/limit => cancel=order type=open (non-stops)
  cancel=close/stops => cancel=order type=close (stops)
- Added new err=cancel option to cancel orders and continue (use eid= to target orders by id; cid= for non-error conditionals)
- Added new syntax option log= to specify log level per command and new log level "cond" (errors + conditionals)
- Fixed delay and interval offset miscalculations when specified in different time units (eg. delay=10s, interval=+5m)
- Fixed relative (%) delay, maxtime and jump delay parameters not being correctly reset in loops and retries
- Fixed pos/even/liq options for slref/tpref/soref/tsref not working with close=position when explicitly specified
- Fixed iftime=cancelside/closeall etc. not canceling orders / closing positions when maxtime reached
- TV Indicator Settings Manager: Fixed broken and/or missing dropdowns in screenshots
- Added mark price column to position monitor (when available)
- Added indicators for next refresh/last update to position monitor
- Added account name check for invalid/illegal characters
- Changed default button in confirmation dialogs to no/cancel
- Improved performance of exchange/symbol browser UI and changed copy/export to all rows
- Binance Futures: Added automatic mapping of delivery futures (eg. BINANCE:BTCZ2021 => BINANCEFT:BTCUSD_211231)
- BitMEX: Added full support for new USDT markets and balance
- BitMEX: Corrected fee calculation to use instrument data
- Kraken Futures: Added automatic mapping of delivery futures (eg. KRAKEN:XBTUSD31Z => KRAKENFT:FI_XBTUSD_211231)
- KuCoin Futures/Spot: Fixed direction of stop orders for some cases (eg. entry buy stop under current price)
- KuCoin Spot: Updated API calls for creation and checking/cancelation of stops
- KuCoin Spot: Fixed custom SL/TP plot reference not being used

1.3.19 - 30/9/2021
- Added OKEX v5 support (all markets!) (beta)
- Fixed indicator settings paste/load errors caused by latest TV update
- Made lock/lockcheck syntax commands usable for legacy alerts
- Added shortcut for symbol browser (Alt+S) to PV alert page (@ 1.3.17)
- Fixed run/long shortcut (Ctrl+L) in PV alert page (@ 1.3.17)
- Fixed error message when placing locks via syntax (cosmetic / still worked)
- Added check for Bot Token to Telegram bot
- Added check for CoinMarketCap API key (and signup link)
- Added timestamp to error notifications
- Binance: Added support for spot-margin OCO orders (SL & TP together)
- Bybit: Corrected closing and reduce-only orders to fix rejection of stops (@ 1.3.19)
- Bybit: Added alias names for futures eg. s=ETHUSD1231 equals s=ETHUSDZ21 (@ 1.3.19)
- FTX: Fixed correct rounding/stepping of quantity for certain markets
- FTX: Fixed some orders without any ID being found/canceled when filtered by ID
- Gemini: Updated market data
- Kraken: Fixed updating of all fetched balances
- KuCoin/KuCoin Futures: Updated authentication to V2 API keys
- KuCoin: Corrected relative quantity calculations for spot-margin (10x leverage)
- KuCoin Futures: Fixed relative quantity calculations for some markets (BCHUSDTM, TRXUSDTM etc.)
- OANDA: Added support for guaranteed stop-loss (gsl=1)
- OKEX: Fixed order placement error when using custom ID (@ 1.3.17)
- OKEX: Fixed custom leverage multiplier/variable being ignored (@ 1.3.17)
- OKEX: Added auto detection of position mode / fixed posSide error (@ 1.3.17)
- OKEX: Added custom ID cache for stop orders without native ID support (@ 1.3.18)
- OKEX: Changed single SL/TP stop types from "conditional" to "trigger" (no margin freeze) (@ 1.3.18)
- Phemex: Fixed ticksize error occuring on spot markets (further fixes)
- Phemex: Fixed placing of trailing stop orders (use ts with any of tp/sl/so!)

1.3.15 - 2/9/2021
- Added value2 and value3 for IFTTT messages (built in: price/size/balance, custom: "val1;val2;val3")
- Added syntax commands exitall / pauseall / resumeall to control other running alerts
- Added syntax command to restart PV (caution!)
- Fixed Telegram bot stuck in parallel starting loop with "conflict error"
- Fixed go=back/do=loop syntax commands not working properly
- "Detect Side" alert option now honors ex/sym/acc submitted via parameters (eg. pvalert(acc=test))
- Binance / Binance US: Fixed cancel=order only canceling a single order (caused by API change)
- Bybit: Added support for spot markets (beta)
- Bybit: Fixed order/position check option "save" not working
- Bybit: Fixed cross leverage (l=0) and position size check/info not working (@ 1.3.15)
- Kraken Futures: Changed to use official market order type
- Phemex: Fixed some fields for notifications
- Phemex: Fixed ticksize error occuring on some markets
- Removed DueDEX support

1.3.13 - 13/6/2021
- Fixed jump labels followed by comments in the same line producing a syntax error
- Fixed indicator settings copy & paste errors caused by latest TV updates (@ 1.3.13)
- Fixed random "Tabs cannot be queried right now" error occurring since recent Chrome update (@ 1.3.13)
- Binance Futures: Added support to get correct fill price for market orders (for log/notify) (@ 1.3.11)
- BitMEX: Implemented rounding of order quantity to market lot size (further fixes @ 1.3.12)

1.3.9 - 27/5/2021
- Changed default preprocessor conditional string check operator from "starts with" to "equals"
  and added dedicated "starts with" string check operators *= and !*=
  (eg. [if id=foo,bla] was matching any alert id STARTING with "foo" or "bla" before and will now match only exact 
  ids "foo" and "bla" - change to [if id=foo*,bla*] or the new [if id*=foo,bla] to achieve the previous check!)
- Added shorthands [] for [else] and [end] for [endif] in preprocessor conditionals
- Fixed indicator settings copy & paste errors caused by latest TV updates (@ 1.3.9)
- Fixed some false errors in the syntax editor when using preprocessor conditionals within one line (price=[if..]1%[else]2%[end] etc.)
- Fixed preprocessor conditional operators being case sensitive (now [IF] / [if] / [If] are all equal)
- Fixed most underscore/asterisk Telegram notification/bot escaping issues
- Fixed number formating on mobile for some Telegram bot commands
- Bybit: Added support for TP/SL "on fill" parameters for opening order stops (currently only working on USDT markets)
- OANDA: Added support for TP/SL "on fill" parameters for opening order stops
- Implemented Telegram Bot commands to list accounts, balances and positions!

1.3.7 - 7/5/2021
- Implemented Telegram Bot commands to list accounts, balances and positions!
- Added Telegram Bot options to disable/enable functionality more granular
- Added option to ignore filtering for alerts triggered via Telegram bot (prefix "!" to message)
  or to forcefully run alerts/commands even when PV itself is paused (prefix "!!" to message)
  or to forcefully run alerts even when PV OR THE ALERT is disabled (prefix "!!!" to message)
- Fixed error occuring when placing non-closing orders using yield=possize
- Added position details window to position monitor (by clicking on a list entry)
- Added support for modulo (%) to expressions in placeholders / conditions (@ 1.3.5)
- Added ifbuy/ifsell aliases for iflong/ifshort conditionals (for TV Strategy alerts)
- Added syntax placeholder [tf] for the formatted alert/chart resolution (1h instead of 60 etc.)
- Added syntax aliases "end" and "back" for go=back
- Added UI to browse cached custom order IDs (see General Options / Browse ID cache)
- Adapted indicator dialog styling fixes to latest TV update
- Binance Futures: Fixed order cancelation errors on some markets (workaround for long order IDs)
  (further fixes @ 1.3.5)
- Binance Futures: Fixed order quantity changing on close=position retries (@ 1.3.6)
- Binance Futures: Improved error handling (@ 1.3.5)
- Bybit: Added support for new Futures API (beta, use pm=hedge for hedge mode!)
- Bybit: Implemented quantity adjustment in case supplied leverage is limited by market
- Bybit: Corrected assumed leverage for cross to 100x (WARNING: Affects relative quantities!)
- Bybit: Added auto detection of cross margin setting
- Bybit Testnet: Added workaround for random API change (@ 1.3.7)
- FTX / FTX US: Fixed coin/spot wallet balances using the correct "available" amount (@ 1.3.6)
- FTX US: Fixed "not logged in" API authentication error
- KuCoin: Upgraded margin order endpoint and added auto borrow support (mt=borrow)

1.3.3 - 28/2/2021
- Implemented Telegram Bot functionality (see "Setup: Notifications" / added to stats - BETA!)
  Completely remote control PV and trigger PV alerts via Telegram! (see Telegram Bot /help command)
- Added PV alert option to interpret auto run interval as schedule ("allow only then")
- Added support to submit custom variables/plots to PV alerts via ALERTNAME(var1=value1,var2=value2,...)
  (use ex= / sym= / acc= or acc=ex:sym:acc to set default exchange / symbol / account for alert!)
- Fixed unified placeholder comparisons/checks still being interpreted even when commented out
- Exchange time sync can be disabled now by setting the interval to 0 (see General Options)
- Added automatic triggering of exchange time sync if error message mentions "timestamp"
- Fixed error occuring when position PL is higher than given maxpl= parameter
- Added option to show empty entries in position monitor when exchange set to "all" (now hidden by default)
- Slightly improved use of space in PV alert GUI
- Binance Margin: Added correct balance query & cache for isolated spot margin with relative quantity (side=long/short iso=1)
- Binance Margin: Added correct balance query for crossed spot margin trades with relative quantity (side=long/short mt=borrow)
- Binance Margin: Implemented transfer balance option for isolated spot margin balance (eg. tb=etc iso=1 s=etcbtc)
- Binance Margin: Implemented querying the correct amount for loan/repay commands with relative quantity
- Binance Delivery: Fixed auto detected leverage being incorrect sometimes if not specified via syntax
- Bybit: Switched to realtime order query endpoints to avoid getting out-of-date/corrupt order information
- FTX: Implemented quantity adjustment in case supplied leverage has to be rounded down
- FTX US: Fixed error when testing API key
- Gemini: Implemented type=market workaround (immediate-or-cancel order with wide limit price)
- Gemini: Updated market data
- Kraken Futures: Fixed type=market workaround for close=position
- KuCoin Futures: Implemented quantity adjustment in case supplied leverage is limited by market
- OANDA: Implemented quantity adjustment in case supplied leverage is limited by market
- Phemex: Fixed error when canceling multiple orders at once
- Phemex: Fixed error for cancel/check=order when no order is open

1.3.2 - 5/2/2021
- Fixed comparisons in placeholders always evaluating as true (broken in 1.3.1)
- Added aliases "free" (for "balance") and "total" (for "equity") to yield= option
- Kraken Futures: Added _sizeUSD and _sizeCoin position infos
- Bybit: Improved ticker query for USDT markets - 25/1/2021
- Fixed new format ex:sym:acc for a=/ap= not working sometimes
- Kraken: Added support for custom SL/TP references/plots
- Kraken: Added correct leverage info to notifications
- Kraken Futures: Added correct leverage info to notifications - 22/1/2021
- Added option to Run & Test buttons in PV alert editor for spot markets (via Alt-Key while clicking)
- Added conditional option to check if an order was partially filled (see ifp=/ifpartial=)
- Added conditional option to differentiate between other error or max time reached (see ift=/iftime=)
- Added placeholder [caller] for the id of the alert that ran/triggered this alert (fallback current alert id)
- Added placeholder [acc] for account name from ap=/run=/trigger= (fallback from alert name; name format EX-SYM-ACC)
- Added placeholders [internal], [fork] and values internal/fork to [mode] (see "Unified" under "Setup: Commands"!)
- Moved min/max balance checks to work with updatebalance command (ub=1 minb=x)
- Added columns to command list ("Setup: Commands") showing if key can be used as standalone command and/or set as default
- Added syntax command "exit" as alias for do=abort
- Coinbase Pro: Fixed error when canceling orders
- FTX: Always calculate positive order amount, even when negative balance (eg. spot margin short)
- Kraken Futures: Implemented "pseudo" market orders (type=market) via order type IOC and price offset
- Kraken Futures: Fixed log confirmation and caching of custom IDs for stop orders
- Kraken Futures: Fixed wrong order type for take profit stops
- Kraken Futures: Added event source mapping of KRAKEN:XXXPERP to KRAKENFT:XXX
- Kraken: Added correct spot balance query and separated margin balance
- Kraken: Added support for the new Position Monitor (fixes @
- Kraken: Added PnL calculations for positions (margin) (fixes @
- Kraken: Corrected free margin balance info (yield=balance / default)
- Kraken: Fixed error when closing positions (via close=position)
- KuCoin: Added support for spot margin orders/balances (via side=long/short) - 26/12/2020
- TV Indicator Settings Manager: Copy/Paste/Save/Load settings + Take screenshots (Beta!)
  (holding the Shift key will disable confirmations, holding the Ctrl key will switch between JSON & text formats)
- Added position monitoring GUI (Beta!)
- Added support for DueDEX exchange
- Added support for Phemex exchange
- Added support for Twilio (SMS) notifications
- Added syntax commands to run or trigger other PV alerts (see run= and trigger=)
- Added conditional option to compare current vs cached price or custom plot (see maxslip= / maxslipref= / ifslip=)
- Added syntax option "transpose" to adjust custom plots based on new price (useful for signals from different chart, see transpose=)
- Added saving of quantity, price, id, status and leftover quantity of canceled/checked orders for later reference (see save= and leftover=)
- Added reference options lastqty, lastprice & laststop to use quantity, price or stop from last placed or canceled order
- Added yield=possize option for normal non-closing orders to reference size of open position
- Added support for equations to unified placeholders and the new conditionals (eg. sl=[(close + _myplot)/2] etc.)
- Added custom plots to unified placeholders (eg. quantity=[_myplot])
- Added support to specify different exchanges/symbols per account in lists via exchange:symbol:account (see a= and ap=)
- Added list support to e= and s= options, allowing to specify different exchange/symbol per account given in a=/ap=
- Added preprocessor conditional syntax to check any predefined placeholder, OHLC and custom plot data against values or other plots
  (eg. [if not _myplot > 7000] ... [else] ... [endif] ; see "Setup: Commands" under "Unified Alerts")
- Added new placeholders to be used in preprocessor conditional syntax
  ([alert], [screener], [manual], [auto], [mode], [long], [short], [weekday], [day], [month], [hour] and [minute])
- Added priceref=pos/even/liq option for normal non-closing orders to reference price of open position
- Added option for interval= command to schedule an alert to run given minutes from now (via interval=+x)
- Added support to specify time in minutes/hours/weeks/months for delay=, jd=, time= and interval=+x options (eg. delay=5.5m)
- Added option to allow running of specific alerts even when in global pause/disabled mode
- Added syntax command to disable/enable PV via disable/enable/toggle=pv (same as global "pause" button)
- Added support to specify custom plot defaults in first line of PV alert via #var1:value,var2:value,...
  (use '!' to overwrite a received OHLC/plot value eg. #!_sl=123,!close=456)
- Added shortcut syntax for custom plot references (eg. sl=_myplot-1% instead of sl=-1% slref=_myplot)
  (Note: Only works for p= / q= / l= / tp= / sl= / ts= / so= / msl= ; allowed ops for q and l are '*' and '/', for all others '+' and '-'!)
- Added syntax options to check for no position/order and opposite direction if side= filter was specified (see nopos=, noorder= and wrongside=)
- Added syntax shortcut to check for existing order IDs before closing a position (see checkid= and wrongid=)
- Added jump option "this" to loop within the last (current) jump label / made "back" option (stack) ignore loops
- Added support for wildcard placeholders in custom order ID checks (eg. check=order id=*-TP)
- Added workaround and internal stats for missed scheduler runs (missed runs will trigger up to 3 minutes later)
- Added possibility to define multiple jump labels directly one after another (or in one line separated by comma)
- Added option to specify a fallback jump label/action in case of an invalid label (useful for placeholders, see fj=)
- Added wildcard support for alert names in disable/enable/toggle syntax commands (eg. disable=*entry)
- Added support for buy/sell/long/short for side in alert message OHLC "footer" (useful for strategy alerts)
- Added support for writing custom messages to the PV log via notify command (eg. notify=log:"Hello!")
- Added CMC data to local OHLC data when queried so it can be used in notifications (see min24h= etc.)
  ({volume_24h}, {percent_change_1h}, {percent_change_24h}, {percent_change_7d}, {market_cap})
- Added string formatting option to notification placeholders, eg. {lastid.2} turns XH5-MSL-123456-1 into XH5-MSL (fixes @
- Added generic placeholder {stop} to reference stop prices in notifications
- Added received/fired numbers to the minimized PV alert view
- Added separate "auto" (interval fired) stats count per alert
- Added human readable description of configured schedule to "Edit interval" GUI
- Added position monitor shortcut to balances in popup window (via Shift-Click or context menu on right click)
- Added unified side and order leverage to last success/error info in popup
- Fixed wrong or missing leverage in notifications when custom plot multiplier used
- Added unified side to alert names for short notifications
- Updated and cleaned up "Setup: Commands" help page
- Added account copy and clone functions via buttons and context menu to exchange API pages
- Added changing of PV icon to orange when not connected to TV event stream nor TV interceptor addon
- Added automatic time offset adjustment for exchanges requiring a timestamp (solving time sync issues)
- Added more details to logging of filtered alerts and a number suffix for events triggering multiple alerts
- Added account copy and clone functions via buttons and context menu to exchange API pages
- Fixed alert log level "none" still logging notifications and "automatic interval run fired" messages
- Fixed alert log level "no debug" not logging standard info messages
- Fixed manual "Reset" button for repeat filter in PV alerts sometimes not working
- Fixed several errors related to multiple accounts specified via a= option
- Changed all closing orders (close=position) to reduce only by default unless explicitly set to false
- Binance: Added option to specify isolated margin flag for orders and loan/repay (see iso=)
- Binance Delivery: Fixed size and PnL calculations for position info and check
- Binance Delivery: Fixed balance placeholders not working in notifications
- Binance Delivery: Fixed balance not available error for BNB based markets
- Binance Delivery: Fixed all positions being closed instead of only selected symbol
- Binance Futures/Delivery: Made pm=auto (automatic detection of hedge mode) default
- Binance Futures/Delivery: Fixed reduceOnly errors for hedged position orders
- Binance Futures/Delivery, BitMEX, Bybit, FTX, KuCoin Futures, SimpleFX: Added support for unit=currency to min/maxsize position filter option
- Binance Futures/Delivery, BitMEX, Bybit, FTX, KuCoin Futures, SimpleFX: Added position info/notification fields {_sizeUSD} and {_sizeCoin}
- Binance Futures, BitMEX, Bybit, KuMEX: Fixed "close=position q=100%" not always posting close-on-trigger orders without quantity
- Binance Futures: Added support for priceProtect stop order option (see pp=)
- Binance Futures: Fixed leverage not set correctly when using custom plot multiplier
- Binance Futures, BitMEX, Bybit, Deribit, FTX, KuCoin Futures: Added support for position liquidation price (via pr=liq)
- Binance, Deribit, FTX: Fixed transfer balance command (invalid error given for custom yield options)
- Bitfinex: Fixed iflong/ifshort for c/ch=position and added basic position info logging
- BitMEX: Added support for position breakeven price (via pr=even)
- BitMEX: Fixed PnL display/calculation to show in XBT instead of Satoshi
- Bybit: Upgraded inverse perpetual markets to v2 API endpoints
- Bybit: Automatically placing real stop instead of SL/TP attribute change if custom order ID specified (id=)
- Bybit: Fixed switch between cross/isolated margin for linear markets
- Bybit: Fixed "not modified" error when changing SL/TP position attribute
- Bybit: Fixed errors when canceling stop orders under certain conditions
- Coinbase Pro: Added support for custom stop references
- Deribit: Added relative quantity calculation for transfer balance command when target is main account
- FTX, FTX US: Fixed calculation of PnL % values (lev% was used as pos%)
- FTX, FTX US: Added rounding down of specified leverage to next valid value
- FTX, FTX US: Fixed leverage not shown correctly in notifications
- FTX, FTX US: Added support for transfer balance command to transfer to/from sub accounts (see tb=)
- FTX, FTX US: Added support for retryUntilFilled stop order option (true by default, see rf=)
- FTX, FTX US: Added support for currency conversion via new syntax command (see convert=) (fixes @
- FTX, FTX US: Fixed trailing stop value for normal (non-closing) short/sell orders
- Gemini: Added support for stop orders
- Gemini: Updated market information
- Kraken: Fixed quantity calculations for margin long trades
- KuCoin Futures: Fixed relative quantity calculations for USDT based markets
- OANDA, FTX: Added support for simple trigger/stop orders (see so=)
- OANDA: Fixed leverage sometimes not shown correctly in notifications
- Poloniex: Fixed error when closing position
- SimpleFX: Fixed relative quantity calculations for equities and indices
- SimpleFX: Fixed wrong side shown in log for close position orders – 5/10/2020
- Added support for FTX US
- Fixed scheduler drift so interval alerts fire on time (see General Options / Fire Offset)
- Updated built-in syntax examples and Wiki links
- Improved handling of some log writing errors – 8/9/2020
- FTX: Fixed profit calculation and PnL checks via syntax
- Kraken Futures: Fixed order cancelation not being confirmed in log and order id cache – 2/9/2020
- Fixed order ID cache not being purged correctly and overflowing
- Added more helpful error messages for some connection problems
- Binance Futures: Fixed error when checking for server time offset on startup
- KuCoin: Fixed error when testing API key without any ETH balance – 22/8/2020
- Added side info to icon tooltip and log (when supplied via OHLC at the end of TV message)
- Fixed syntax check errors for unified placeholders without side in alert name
- Binance Futures: Added support for Delivery markets / DAPI (requires re-granting of permission in Chrome!) (further fixes @
- Binance Futures: Added support for index price (pr=index)
- Binance Futures: Fixed error when placing trailing stop (further fixes @
- Bitfinex: Added leverage parameter to orders
- BitMEX: Corrected error message for failed setting of leverage
- FTX: Fixed filtering by custom ID for order cancelation/check
- KuCoin: Fixed quantity precision error – 5/8/2020
- Changed discord API from to (requires re-granting of permission in Chrome!)
- Fixed custom IDs leading to order errors in syntax loops on some exchanges
- Binance Futures, BitMEX, Bybit, FTX, Kraken Futures, KuCoin Futures: Fixed order cancelation/check 
  not filtering correctly for stops or when type= option was missing
- Binance Futures: Fixed step size error occuring for some instruments
- Binance Futures: Added minimum trade size check
- Gemini: Added new instruments and fixed precisions
- KuCoin Futures: Fixed direction parameter for stops being wrong (causing immediate trigger)
- KuCoin Futures: Renamed from KuMEX and adjusted API endpoints (requires re-granting of permission in Chrome!) – 12/7/2020
- Fixed price reference "ask" not working (pr=ask)
- Fixed additional cases leading to PRO license being removed
- Fixed TV backtest export not working @
- Fixed syntax warning for id=[id] with catchall alert names (containing '*')
- Bybit: Fixed error on order placement for USDT markets (further fixes @
- BitMEX: Fixed wrong time in force option for market orders @ – 17/6/2020
- Added custom leverage plot reference option (lref=)
- Added workaround for new Discord Webhook URLs
- Binance Futures: Replaced posside with posmode=hedge/auto option to fully support hedge mode
- Binance Futures: Upgraded to v2 balance/risk endpoints (improved performance)
- Binance Futures: Fixed cancel=order w/o additional filters not canceling all orders
- BitMEX: Fixed cancel=order w/o additional filters not canceling all orders
- ByBit: Added ability to set separate buy/sell leverage in USDT markets
- ByBit: Added support for close-on-trigger & reduce-only in USDT markets
- ByBit: Changed position closing orders to close-on-trigger by default
- ByBit: Fixed quantity/TP/SL calculations for hedge mode / multi positions – 8/6/2020
- Added support for TV Screener Alerts (see General Options / TradingView Connection)
- Added support for Kraken Futures (beta)
- Added support for KuMEX (beta)
- Added alert option to detect [side] placeholders from actual open positions
- Added conditional options iflong= and ifshort= to require less API calls for checks
- Added option to allow wildcards (*) in PV alert names to easily match multiple TV alerts
- Added new placeholders [ex] and [sym] to auto extract exchange/symbol from PV alert name
- Added new placeholder [id] for the first only alphanumeric part of current alert name
- Added ability to set the side for unified alerts from custom plot data via %%",side:{{plot_x}}"%%
  (if you have separate plots for long/short use %%",side:{{plot("Long")}}:{{plot("Short")}}"%%)
- Added custom plot data as quantity multiplier (via qref=_name / qref=customx) (further fixes @
- Added custom plot data names via %%",name:{{plot_x}}"%% (use with priceref=_name etc.) (further fixes @
- Added expiration/timeout option to symbol locks
- Made repeat filter work independent of alert (optional, when "No Repeat" is *unchecked*!)
  (alert will only fire if there was no alert fired on the same symbol within given time window)
- Made "Solo per Bar" filter option work for multiple alerts triggered by the same name
- Fixed "Once per Bar"/"Solo per Bar" always filtering over two consecutive bars
- Optimized memory usage (especially for higher number of commands run)
- Code restructuring & optimization for improved command execution and API request speed
- Fixed PV startup failing when log database can't be opened for writing
- Fixed command parameters like {p} not working in custom notifications anymore (further fixes @
- Changed "don't log" alert option into log level selection drop down
- Added Ctrl+Shift+UP/DOWN hotkey to navigate alerts in alert editor
- Fixed alert selection state in alert editor when not using "expand one at a time" option
- Fixed symbol browser for defaults under General Options not working
- Changed API test function to only check account balance (less warning messages)
- Changed symbol info cache time setting to hours (default 72h)
- Fixed TV strategy tester export breaking copy & paste function
- Fixed option to disable "Study Repaints" warnings for indicators in TV
- Fixed Telegram error 400 caused by unescaped single underscore characters @
- Further performance improvements and reduced package size @
- Binance Futures: Added support for close-only orders/stops without quantity (further fixes @
- Binance Futures: Added basic hedge mode support (position side via posside= option) (further fixes @
- Binance Futures: Fixed advanced order cancelation filters (t=open/close/limit, sl=1, tp=1, ts=1, r=1) @
- Binance Futures: Added support for trailing stops (callback rate via cbrate= option)
- Binance Futures: Fixed custom plot data not available for non-closing orders
- BitMEX: Added support for advanced order cancelation filters (t=open/close/limit, sl=1, tp=1, ts=1, r=1) (@
- BitMEX: Added support for time in force option (via type=fok/ioc/day)
- Bybit: Fixed "cannot set TrailingStop" error (close=position ts=xxx)
- Bybit: Fixed "param validation for order_status failed" error (cancel/check order for USDT) (further fixes @
- Gemini: Corrected time in force option IOC and added support for FOK (fill or kill)
- Kraken: Fixed order type "settle" not working
- OANDA: Fixed order type "day" not working
- Poloniex: Fixed error when calculating margin balance – 27/4/2020
- Fixed broken alert import for "Import Config" function

1.2.85 – 20/4/2020
- Enabled quantity and leverage parameters to be set as default in syntax (be careful with following close position commands etc.)
- Fixed unified placeholders (side etc.) not being replaced on interval alerts (filled with first side in name!)
- OANDA: Improved balance/instrument currency conversion (fixing relative quantities & position info)
- SimpleFX: Added realtime PnL calculation for position info (via ch=position updateprice=1)
- SimpleFX: Improved balance/instrument currency conversion (fixing relative quantities & position info)
- SimpleFX: Added use of "delete" endpoint when possible to close positions (preventing "no money" error)
- SimpleFX: Fixed SL/TP calculation for positions made from multiple orders
- SimpleFX: Fixed bug introduced in PV 1.2.81 causing "unauthorized" errors (further fixes @ 1.2.85)
- Bybit: Fixed wrong balance being used for quantity calculations for BTCUSDT market (due to API changes)
- Bybit: Added workaround for "unknown result" error when setting leverage on BTCUSDT market

1.2.83 – 14/4/2020
- Fixed broken position size check (minsize/maxsize)
- Changed default for plref syntax option to "lev" (leveraged PnL)
- OANDA: Added check for instrument leverage limit and improved quantity calculations
- OANDA: Corrected leverage and PnL calculations for position info
- ByBit: Added support for new USDT market endpoints (experimental!) (further fix @ 1.2.83)
  (PnL calculations for USDT require ticker query, invoke via ch=position updateprice=1)
- ByBit: Added support for changing SL/TP specified with main open order (via c=position q=100% t=market sl=x tp=x)
- ByBit: Corrected relative PnL % calculations for pos/lev/total position info
- ByBit: Fixed "insufficient margin" error sometimes occuring on position close

1.2.81 – 8/4/2020
- Fix for lifetime licenses "expiring" on 8/4/2020 (please re-enter your license!)
- Upgraded to new CoinMarketCap API (enter API key under "General Options")
- Added position opening time to position info where available (BitMEX resets hourly)
- Fixed bar time/position for very long and sub-minute timeframes
- Fixed balance sometimes not available or wrong currency in notifications
- Fixed session notification statistics not being reset
- Rewrote TV event hook (addon) for compatibility with recent TV updates
- Improved TV event stream stalling detection and fixed permission denied errors
- Several app log viewer fixes (updating too much, showing too many entries)
- Binance: Added checks for minimum order quantity and minimum notional
- Binance Margin: Fixed mt=borrow and mt=repay not working
- Binance Futures: Added workaround for error when changing margin type (mt=)
- BitMEX: Reduced number of API calls for order cancelation and position checks
- BitMEX: Fixed showing position side instead of order side in log
- FTX: Fixed currency unit option (u=currency) for spot market instruments
- SimpleFX: Fixed quantity calculation for positions made up of multiple orders
- SimpleFX: Fixed error message for wrong or missing trade permissions

1.2.79 – 25/2/2020
- Added highlighting of current selected alert in alert editor
- Fixed lock/unlock commands in syntax not working
- Fixed dollar sign ($) being removed or decimated in PV alert names on loading

1.2.78 – 21/2/2020
- Added syntax command to query and check CMC price change data
- Added support for SimpleFX broker (beta)
- Optimized syntax editor screen space usage
- Added seperate run/test alert buttons for long and short (unified alerts)
- Added stop price reference option to base stop on main order price (slref=price etc.)
- Optimized performance of PV alert editor (recommended to keep most alerts minimized)
- Added context menu command to copy/paste PV alerts in JSON format
- Added event source mapping of BINANCE:XXXPERP to BINANCEFT:XXX
- Added entry price to position info
- Added last slippage info to PV alert stats
- Added option to use current time for alert received / fired info (instead of TV event data)
- Added setting to specify interval fire offset (seconds after full minute)
- Added info about unified alerts under "Setup: Commands"
- Adapted TV indicator dialog styling fixes after update
- Fixed newlines in config export on Windows
- Increased popup window size
- Deribit Testnet: Fixed authentication errors
- FTX: Relaxed instrument name lookup (BTC-PERP vs BTCPERP)
- OANDA: Fixed check position command

1.2.75 – 6/2/2020
- Added option to ignore syntax errors in legacy alerts (found under "General Options")
- Bitmex: Fixed quantity calculations for symbols using multiplier (XRPUSD etc.)

1.2.74 – 2/2/2020
- Added symbol browser to exchange pages (requires valid account for OANDA!)
- Added exchange/symbol browser quick insert/replace to syntax editor (via context menu)
- Added custom context menu to alert editor
- Added exchange syntax alias to exchange pages
- Added alert repeat filter option to check for name differences (vs alert id only)
- Added syntax option to specify which PnL type to check (plref=pos/lev/total - pos being default)
- Fixed order/position check conditionals in loops not triggering in same cases
- Fixed multiple account processing in loops sometimes failing
- Improved repeat filter to work within bar time (was previously using bar time only vs fire time)
- Binance Futures: Added support for reduce only stops
- Binance Futures: Added option to switch between isolated and cross margin (mt=isolated/crossed)
- Binance Futures: Added cancel all and batch/bulk cancelation API calls
- Binance Margin: Added option for auto borrow/repay order flag (mt=borrow/repay)
- Bybit: Fixed bulk order cancelation for t=open/close
- Bybit: Fixed wrong book side printed in log for c=position (further fix @ 1.2.74)
- Bybit: Added support to place trailing stop via c=position ts=x (@ 1.2.74)
- FTX: Fixed pr=pos option and added new pr=even option (last break even)
- FTX: Fixed bulk order cancelation canceling orders for all symbols
- FTX: Fixed trailing stop placement (via c=position ts=x)
- OANDA: Added support for u=currency option

1.2.71 – 1/1/2020
- Enabled time/maxtime parameter to be set as default in syntax
- Binance: Fixed quantity precision error occuring for some symbols
- Bybit: Fixed endless loop when certain amount of past orders was reached (further fix @ 1.2.69)
- Bybit: Fixed leverage error message (leverage was still set correctly)
- Deribit: Corrected testnet URL/API endpoint (fix @ 1.2.71)
- FTX: Fixed quantity calculation for spot market sell (further fix @ 1.2.70)

1.2.67 – 14/12/2019
- Added support for Binance Futures
- Added ticker data to notifications, enabling use of eg. {ask}, {last} etc.
  (Note: Cached ticker data is used so depending on the type of command up=1 might be necessary!)
- Added pre-filled notification variables {pnl}, {pnlLev}, {pnlTotal} and {relSize} for positions
  (pnl = abs P/L% for the position, pnlLev = incl. leverage (similar to ROE), pnlTotal = in relation to balance)
- Added access to general position info for notifications on c=position commands (instead of just the closing orders)
- Fixed alert editor UI not reflecting when alerts are disabled/enabled via syntax
- Fixed interval settings not updating in UI when changed via syntax
- Fixed option to always keep the PV options page open
- Further unified and fixed position P/L calculations
- BitMEX/Bybit: Implemented querying of current leverage when none specified
- Bitfinex: Fixed error when converting balance for non-USD pairs
- Bybit: Updated code to use new order API v2 and implemented support for bulk order cancelation (further fix @ 1.2.67)
- FTX: Fixed bulk order cancelation and unique IDs for position close
- OANDA: Fixed relative SL/TP/TS calculations for positions with multiple orders
- OANDA: Fixed SL/TP/TS info not accessible in notifications

1.2.65 – 10/12/2019
- Added support for FTX exchange (beta)
- Added leverage info for order placement, when changing leverage or checking positions
- Fixed relative position size sometimes not showing in check/close position info
- Added command pass number to unique order ID to avoid duplicate orders in loops
- Added number of passes (counts) that a command is being executed to the log
- Updated TV user interface "fixes"
- OANDA: Added calculation of correct position leverage
- OANDA: Added query of/info about account leverage (no need to specify leverage for relative quantities)
- OANDA: Added support to set account leverage via l= syntax and order type GFD (Good For Day)
- Gemini: Fixed API communication error preventing access

1.2.64 – 5/12/2019
- Added fire offset info (event slippage) to "alert received" log message
- Disabled retries for duplicate order ID errors
- Fixed wrong syntax highlighting for certain command parameters
- BitMEX/Deribit: Fixed order check syntax accidentally bulk canceling orders
- Bybit: Fixed order cancellation not working anymore after API update

1.2.63 – 27/11/2019
- Added general support for absolute prices to all price options via @<number> (eg. p=@7000)
- Added support for positive numbers written in syntax with leading "+"
- Added OHLC data to {} notification placeholders (eg. {close} for close price)
- Fixed non-sensical TV OHLC data always being "detected"
- BitMEX/Bybit/Deribit/Kraken/OANDA: Added new parameters to specify different price bases for stops (slref/tpref/tsref)
- BitMEX/Bybit: Leverage is now set via API only if l= option is present in command!
- Bybit: Added support to place stops independend of any position with new stop order parameter (so=)
- Bybit: Added support to switch to cross margin via API with l=0
- Bybit: Added support for stop reference (sr=) option
- Bitfinex: Fixed market order error caused by API change

1.2.62 – 8/11/2019
- Added support for new OHLC and custom plot info from TV by adding the following as the LAST line in the 
  TV alert description: "#{{open}},{{high}},{{low}},{{close}},{{volume}}" (without quotes!)
  Those prices can then by referenced in syntax via pr=open or pr=close etc.
  (to use custom plotted prices add ",{{plot_0}}" etc. to the line above and use via pr=custom1 etc.)
- Added support to call multiple PV alerts from one TV alert by putting their names line after line in the 
  beginning of the TV alert description
- Added command aliases go= and do= and added the option "back" for jumps/conditionals to resume execution 
  after the original calling command
- Added relative position size and leveraged PnL % info to position info log output
  (and removed additional details that were basically a duplicate of the debug output)
- Added {pnlLev} and {roe} notification placeholders (roe only available on BitMEX for now)
- Added option to disable logging completely per alert (useful for interval alerts running quite often)
- Fixed calculation of relative position size for min/max position checks
- Fixed wrong quantity, price etc. being calculated sometimes after jumps/conditionals
- Fixed setting defaults to zero via syntax not working (retries=0 etc.)
- Fixed PV alert still firing on intervals even when it was set to "disabled"
- Fixed error when setting alert interval via syntax

1.2.61 – 22/10/2019
- Added live syntax checking including error/warning markers to PV alert editor (fix for "foreign" chart alerts @ 1.2.61)
- Implemented drag and drop / custom order support for PV alert UI
- Added descriptive command aliases to syntax parser incl. notification syntax ("discord" instead of "d" etc.)
- Improved interval config UI (launched by "Edit interval" button)
- Added name/syntax search functions and further sort options to PV alert UI
- Implemented custom jump labels for err/skip syntax options (including jumping back/looping)
- Added syntax command to enable/disable (or toggle) any PV alerts
- Added syntax command to configure interval runs for any PV alerts
- Added syntax options to check P/L (minpl/maxpl) and size (mins/maxs) of a position on all margin exchanges
- Added syntax command to check existing positions/orders more easily (ch=/check=) (see Setup: Commands!)
- Added syntax conditional commands ifo/ifn, including support for jump labels (see Setup: Commands!)
- Added new error handling options incl. aliases and new ep= parameter for "on error" closing limit price
- Added pause/resume/stop buttons in log view to temporarily pause or forcefully terminate all running alerts
- Added comma separated list support to p, sl, tp, ts for targeting different accounts with a/ap
- Changed log output to use original syntax line number instead of the command number
- Changed syntax parser to make "ub" or "r" (without =) equivalent to "ub=1" / "r=1"
- Added notification variable {pnl} for ch=position command notifications
- Added notification variable {time} containing current timestamp (old {time} variable is now {bartime}!)
- Added number of errors to per alert stats
- Added option to auto collapse all but the current alert in PV alert UI
- Fixed counting of actual number of executed commands for stats/log instead of total commands in alert
- Fixed wrong end date sometimes being shown for monthly subscriptions
- Fixed some log entries sometimes not being written to DB (under load)
- Added support for Binance US
- BitMEX: Added support to place SL/TP "close all" stops without a position (r=1 q=100% / no q=)
- Deribit: Added use of "close position" API command for c=position (q=100% / no q=, no b=)
- Deribit: Fixed error for c=position without b= when no position was open
- OANDA: Relaxed instrument name lookup ('_', '-' and '/' are removed internally)
- BitMEX/Bybit/Coinbase/Deribit/OANDA: Added checks for minimum trade size (Bybit also minimum price)
- BitMEX/Bybit: Fixed permission error on older Chrome versions
- !BREAKING CHANGE! BitMEX/Kraken: Stop orders (not using c=position but any of tp/sl/ts) are now placed on 
  the side defined by b= instead of the opposite direction! (unified behaviour)

1.2.58 – 23/9/2019
- Added pc=1 syntax option to skip ticker query and use last cached ticker update instead
- Added up=1 syntax option tp use newly added internal ticker cache and save current ticker query to it
- Added bc=1 syntax option to skip balance query and use last cached balance for an exchange/account
- Added internal order id cache for exchanges without native custom order id support
  (enabling id= syntax for Bitfinex, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, OKCoin, OKEX and Poloniex)
- Fixed "no repeat" alert filter not working when first matching alert was disabled
- Added built in notification option to format notifications "horizontally"
- Added stronger "muting" of disabled alerts in alert editor
- Started unification of all exchange modules
- Bitfinex, Kraken, OKEX, Poloniex: Added pr=pos for position average (with c=position)
- BitMEX, Deribit: Added pr=mark for mark price
- Bybit: Added new ticker API supporting ask, mid, bid, last, mark and index price (further fixes @ 1.2.58)
- Bybit: Fixed order cancelation error (when no previous stop orders were created) (further fixes @ 1.2.57)
- Deribit: Fixed c=position d=1 (disabled mode) for conditional syntax
- Deribit Testnet: Updated endpoint to new URL
- Kraken: Added support for c=position with sl/tp options

1.2.53 – 2/9/2019
- Added built in notification options to include/exclude balance, quantity or leverage
- Added metrics about sent notifications to the statistics page
- Added notification variable {leverage} to print the used leverage or "None"
- Added notification variables {available} and {total} to reference only available or total balance
- Binance: Added support for OCO orders (specify both tp= and sl= together, use p= for the stop-limit price!)

1.2.52 – 23/8/2019
- Binance: Added syntax commands for margin/spot balance transfer and loan/repay of assets
  (eg. tb=btc,bnb q=50% y=spot to transfer 50% of your BTC and BNB from spot to margin,
  loan=btc or repay=btc and q=x for loan/repay of x amount BTC)
- Deribit: Added syntax command for subaccount balance transfer
  (eg. tb=btc,eth q=25% y=mysub to transfer 25% of your BTC and ETH balance from the current account 
  to a subaccount with the alias mysub) (further fixes @ 1.2.52)
- BitMEX: Closing orders (c=position) will now always ignore already open orders for quantity calculations(!)
- Optimized screen space of minimzed alerts in UI
- Fixed auto interval configuration for "every minute" intervals

1.2.50 – 16/8/2019
- Fixed minb/maxb syntax options to work with y=equity
- Added number of placed/canceled orders to log & notifications when more than one
- Binance: Added preliminary support for new margin trading market
- Bybit: Added support for reduce only limit orders (layered TP eg. c=position q=25% p=2% r=1)
- BitMEX: Corrected final closing order for layered TP orders (further fixes @ 1.2.50)
- Deribit: Fixed bulk order cancelation

1.2.46 – 9/8/2019
- Fixed d=1 in a line by itself (setting defaults) not being respected
- Fixed per alert stats sometimes not updating and refreshing correctly
- Bybit: Added support for trailing stop (current API only permits it as ts=value with main position order)

1.2.44 – 7/8/2019
- Added user interface to configure intervals for auto firing alerts
- Added minp/maxp syntax options to specify absolute limits for price
- Added syntax placeholders [res] for the alert timeframe and [name] to use the triggering name anywhere in syntax
  (eg. custom symbol names for lock/lockcheck, custom order IDs, notifications etc.)
- Added total number of run commands and empty alerts to the statistics page
- Added number of errors, warnings and retries to the statistics page and fixed stats not resetting correctly
- Fixed alert stats not updating automatically while alert page is open or when alerts run on intervals
- Fixed per alert stats not being tracked correctly
- Added reset button for per alert statistics
- Added option to set minimum alert run time before alert is tracked for run time stats
- Added option (default enabled) to count manual run alerts in syntax time stats
- Fixed wrong display of durations that were exactly 1 minute, 1 hour or 1 day
- Added warning to "Run in intervals" alert option
- Fixed origin header errors for some exchanges caused by Chrome v76 update
- Fixed "unhandled exception" error sometimes occuring after alert fired
- Bitfinex: Fixed "Key amount should be a decimal string" error (1.2.43)
- Bybit: Fixed "same leverage" error introduced by API change
- Kraken: Fixed time offset check

1.2.41 – 4/8/2019
- Added scheduler for PV alerts to automatically fire any alert in custom configurable intervals / schedules
- Added minq/maxq syntax options to specify absolute limits for order quantity (always in contracts or native "currency")
- Added very detailed "Statistics" page with internal metrics covering all aspects of PV
- Added option to automatically restart PV after set time period (optionally extended if alerts are running)
- Added alert filter option to specify both min amount of (once per min only) and min position in bar (also for legacy)
- Added stats about last/min/max/average syntax execution time, fire/manual run numbers and creation date to PV alerts
- Added option for maximum time allowed to pass between firing and running of alerts
- Added option to limit maximum alerts running in parallel
- Added logging of manual and automatic restarts
- Added automatic reloading of options window after remote config update (sync)
- Added option to log view to disable automatic scrolling
- Fixed instabilities caused by too many log entries (limiting log view to last 1000 entries)
- Fixed download of log with many entries failing (auto-splitting in 1MB chunks)
- Fixed "Once per Bar" filter sometimes filtering over two bars
- Added support for using the equal sign in custom notification messages
- Fixed some TV listener errors occuring under rare circumstances
- IFTTT Notifications: Added support for custom data using the "value1" field
- Coinbase Pro: Fixed price precision errors for certain order types
- Bybit: Added support for non-BTC markets / symbols
- Kraken: Complete rewrite fixing regularly occuring error

1.2.32 – 11/6/2019
- Added new alert filter option "Solo per Bar" restricting alerts to one alert per bar per symbol
- Coinbase Pro / Kucoin: Fixed order quantity calculations for buy orders (further fixes @ 1.2.32)
- Bybit: Fixed order cancelation error caused by API changes
- BitMEX / Bybit / Deribit: Fixed error causing order cancelations to sometimes execute even in testing mode

1.2.29 – 7/6/2019
- Migrated log from local storage to WebSQL for much longer retention
- Changed all internally saved timestamps to UTC (displayed according to local timezone)
- Fixed "command.time.reference" error sometimes occuring when using notifications
- Fixed error causing notification features not to work for monthly subscription
- Added display of license expiration date for monthly subscription
- Added option to disable modification of indicator "Settings" and "Edit Alert" windows on TradingView
- Added command number besides alert id to further uniquify custom order ids
- OANDA: Fixed quantity calculations for matching account/symbol currency and price calculations for trailing stops
- Coinbase Pro: Fixed price precision and unknown market errors occuring with some symbols and added SL/TP support
- Bybit: Fixed "bind error" for reduce only limit orders (r=1 is currently only supported for stop orders on Bybit)
- KuCoin: Added support for current API version, newer symbols (incl. caching) and added KuCoin Sandbox
- Gemini: Added support for newer additional symbols

1.2.26 – 26/5/2019
- Binance: Fixed market order error (fixed @ 1.2.26)
- OANDA: Fixed quantity calculation sometimes failing (when not necessary)
- Bybit: Closing orders of at least 100% will be set to "close on trigger" automatically (fixed @ 1.2.25)
- Bybit: Added support for reduce only option
- BitMEX: Fixed price reference option pr= not being used for stop prices (sl/tp/ts)

1.2.23 – 23/5/2019
- OANDA: Fixed quantity calculation for relative buy in based on unit price and account currency (q=%)
- Fixed deletion of PV alerts sometimes not working
- Fixed error preventing ap= syntax from working
- BitMEX: Fixed error introduced by c=position load shedding workaround

1.2.21 – 22/5/2019
- Added beta support for Bybit
- Added monthly subscription as alternative licensing option
- Added side of the book placeholders ([side], [!side], [+], [-]) to PV alert syntax that are "auto guessed"
  from the alert name and can be used to handle both long & short or buy & sell with only one alert
  that has two names assigned (eg. "BTC Long, BTC Short")
- Added new syntax option time= to define maximum elapsed time since firing of alert
  (can be specified either as absolute amount of seconds or % of bar time)
- Fixed Discord notification formatting on iOS (Note: works only when the padding option is disabled!)
- Added average price to notifications if different from main price
- Fixed PV alerts not being removed from sync when switching to local storage
- Fixed log filter options for events and orders
- Changed syntax so lockcheck command can be used by itself now
- Fixed bug that sometimes caused hangs when using skip=-1
- Changed "Min Bar %" filter to allow for sub-percent precision
- Enabled "Always use Event Stream" option by default
- BitMEX: Added support for bulk order cancelation (further speeding up entries)
- BitMEX: Removed order quantity for closing orders of at least 100% (thus exempt from load shedding!)
- Deribit: Fixed order cancelation for non-BTC markets
- Deribit: Added support for bulk order cancelation (further speeding up entries)

1.2.19 – 27/4/2019
- Added option to save alerts in local instead of sync storage to lift size restrictions
  (Note: disables syncing of alert definitions!)
- Added better error handling when alerts get too big for sync storage
- Fixed min bar time filter sometimes not working and not saving/loading correctly
- Changed filtering for bar open to 0-3% and bar close to 97-100% respectively
- OANDA: Fixed multiple errors preventing c=position from working
- OANDA: Added parsing/saving of order confirmations

1.2.17 – 19/4/2019
- Added OANDA and OANDA Practice support (incl. custom order ids)
- Added option to specify multiple custom ids with id= via comma separated list (for c=order)
- Added built in notification option for less verbose notifications
- Added syntax to run an alert parallel for multiple accounts (ap=)
- Added alert option to run in parallel instead of consecutively when sharing a name
- Added support to specify q= and l= values per account via comma separated list (when using a=/ap=)
- Fixed retry for multiple accounts sometimes not working
- Fixed notifications for multiple accounts sometimes not working
- Fixed notifications & retries for "Event Stream only" connection problems/recovery
- Made repeat filter compatible with multiple alerts sharing a name
- Added exchange, symbol and time to the icon tooltips "last event" info
- Added more and easier to see tooltips to the options page and popup window
- Fixed several causes for "Unknown Error" in main event process
- Added option to disable "study repaints" warning in TradingView
- Deribit: Added support for multiple base currencies (ETH)
- BitMEX: Fixed custom order id sometimes not being unique
- OKEx: Fixed error in account balance query

1.2.14 – 17/3/2019
- Added additional stalling notification for Event Stream connection problems
- Deribit: Fixed order error caused by typo
- BitMEX, Deribit: Added additional price reference option pr=pos to force use of position average
- BitMEX, Deribit: Added syntax option sr=x to specify price reference to set for stops (last, mark, index)

1.2.13 – 15/3/2019
- Added syntax minhvd/maxhvd etc. to check BitMEX volatility indices (daily, weekly, monthly)
- Added option to always use Event Stream system to receive TV alerts (even when TV tabs are open)
- Added option to show number of fired or received alerts as badge on the icon
  (reset by clicking the icon or "Reset" button under "General Options")
- Added info on last run alert to icon and popup last success/error tooltips
- Added info on TV connection state to icon tooltip
- Added syntax command to update exchange/account balance (ub=1)
- Implemented popup window balance refresh function
- Implemented ret=x for "disabled mode" making commands like the following possible:
  "c=position d=1 ret=-1 skip=-1" will skip the whole alert if an open position is found
- Implemented skip=-1 as an option to skip all of the following commands in an alert
- Implemented ret=0 as an option to check for NO positions/orders returned
- Made error handling / ret=x work per account for a=acc1,acc2,... syntax
  ("ret=x err=1" will skip commands only if ALL accounts didn't return enough orders)
- Fixed a bug that made a=acc1,acc2,... syntax fail under certain conditions
- Added lock/unlock and checking of lock state to syntax via "lock=..." command
- Added alert option to run only if symbol is locked
- Added manual lock/unlock functions to the alert editor (and clear all locks under "General Options")
- Added information about lock states to the alert editor via lock button
- Removing an alert will now also remove it's lock
- Added lock ignore option to alert editor/filter engine
- Alerts are now sorted by their creation date in UI and for execution (custom order in a later update!)
- Changed global "testmode" to global disable/pause mode (no alerts are run)
- Adapted indicator settings window optimizations to new TV update/redesign
- Fixed bug in error handling (err=-2) that sometimes prevented it from closing positions
- Deribit: Added support for reduce only orders (r=1)
- BitMEX: Added support for trailing profit (IfTouched) orders via "tp=x ts=1" syntax (needs experimentation!)
- General speed optimizations

1.2.10 – 22/2/2019
- Quickfix for nonce errors (Bitfinex in 1.2.10)
- Added filter option to lock/unlock alerts per symbol, useful for multi timeframe strategies etc.
- Added option to skip retries for ret=x syntax parameter (using a negative number for x)
- Fixed/implemented a=acc1,acc2,... syntax to work correctly, also for setting alert defaults
- Implemented min bar time alert filter (for once per minute)
- Account balance info is now also removed on account deletion
- Added order type (buy/sell) to built-in notifications
- Added number format option to custom notification fields eg. {p.2} for 123.45 or {p.0} for 123
- Added notification option to include alert timeframe/resolution
- Added notification option to use alert name as notification title
- Added notification option to specify buy/sell emojis
- Added hotkey support to the options page for config import/export, saving, run/min/max alerts etc.
- Added syntax to skip (goto/jump) given number of commands
- Added spinner status info while waiting for email notification permission
- Fixed "Once per Bar" filter to work for alerts (re)used accross different symbols
- Allow fractions of seconds for delay command
- Added small run/test buttons to minimized alerts
- Added muted background for disabled alerts in alert editor
- Added minimize/maximize all buttons to alert editor
- Added button to purge all cached balance info to "General Options"
- Fixed exchange options page formatting error
- Added price/quantity etc. to built-in notifications for exchanges without order confirmation
- Bittrex: Fixed cosmetic error message on order cancelation

1.2.7 – 12/1/2019
- Minimize/maximize alerts by double click in alert editor
- Fixed "NaN" in balances popup window for some exchanges
- Fixed PV options tab opening with no PV alerts defined when "keep options page open" is checked
- Bittrex: Fixed "unknown market symbol" error

1.2.6 – 8/1/2019
- Quickfix for startup notifications not being sent
- Quickfix for built in cancelation notifications sent even when disabled
- Quickfix for BitMEX/BitMEX Testnet permission not granted issue
- Quickfix for "trying to refresh access token" reload loop when no TV tab open
- Complete overhaul of internal TradingView Event Stream system, fixing missed or duplicate alerts etc.
- Added option to format built in notifications with padding
- Added options to add account name or used exchange to notifcations
- Fixed built in notification system (sometimes prefixing messages with "Info" etc.)
- Added syntax to check for min/max account balance before running command
- Added option to always leave the ProfitView settings page open
- Fixed Google Sync remote updates sometimes detecting too many changes
- Added log info about which instance last saved settings and when
- BitMEX: Adding event id to custom order id to fix "duplicate" error
- Binance: Added support for custom order id (with event id suffix)
- Coinbase Pro: Added support for custom order id (with event id suffix)
- Deribit: Added support for custom order id (with event id suffix)
- Gemini: Added support for custom order id (with event id suffix)
- Bittrex: Fixed "symbol not found" error

1.2.2 – 21/12/2018
- Added additional error handling syntax options err=-3 and err=-4
- Final fix for error handling syntax err=-2 not closing and canceling correctly
- Fixed variables in custom notification messages causing endless loop/hang eg. "{price}"
- Fixed timeout not being set if only retries=x specified in syntax
- Fixed email notification credentials expiration (automatic token refresh)
- Added "\n" (newline) and "\t" (tab) escape sequences to custom notification syntax
- Fixed double reload of TV tabs on manual reload in some circumstances
- Fixed TV listener error message on startup in some circumstances
- Added command number and account info to event log entries
- Adjusted Chrome minimum version requirement in manifest to v54
- Improved reloading of TV addon components on updates

1.2.1 – 20/12/2018
- Implemented Email, Discord, Telegram and IFTTT notifications for startup, order placement, cancelation, errors and
  stalling/timeout including custom notifications via syntax
- Fixed price and quantity calculations for multiple account syntax (a=acc1,acc2,...)
- BitMEX: Added support for custom order IDs via id=abc syntax incl. filtering and fixed API check with empty balance
- Binance: Added support for new pairs and fixed caching issues
- Bitfinex: Added support for normal SL/TP syntax
- Bittrex: Added support for new pairs and added symbol info caching
- Coinbase Pro: Fixed symbol info caching and updates
- Deribit: Updated API order options
- All exchanges: Added general option to change symbol/market info cache duration and added price/quantity sanity checks
- Fixed balances in popup window being cut off on some browsers
- Fixed error handling syntax err=-2 not closing positions and canceling orders
- Changed log type of balance updates to notice and added filter for them

1.2.0 – 9/12/2018
- Added syntax options to specify retry & timeout per command
- Fixed error that kept ret=x syntax from working correctly sometimes
- Added repeat filter reset button
- Added repeat filter expire options
- Split alert filter mid bar section into two separate areas
- Quick log filter options to show only alerts+orders and/or only errors
- Added warning dialog to "dangerous" options
- Configuration import can now also process JSON containing only alert definitions
- Added option to disable confirmation for manual alert run (caution!)
- Changed TV addon to make all indicator parameters visible in alert edit dropdown
- Changed TV addon to make the indicator settings dialog waste less space
- All binary/unicode characters are now automatically removed from API key/secrets
- BitMEX: Option pr=last is now using correct last price
- BitMEX: Better error messages when p or q parameters possibly faulty
- BitMEX: Outstanding limit orders are now ignored for c=position in case of t=market or q>=100%!
- Deribit: SL/TP close orders now use the average position price unless pr option is specified
- All Exchanges: Added log output in case all open positions don't match for c=position – 9/11/2018
- Binance/Bitfinex/Deribit: Changed symbol info cache timeout from 15 min to 3 hours to reduce API calls and delays
- Binance: Symbol info now cached, reducing number of API calls, delays and data transfer quite a bit
- All exchanges: Implemented command option "pr" to force a price reference (ask / bid / mid / last),
  option "mid" calculates the average of ask & bid price, "last" uses the last trade price
- Deribit: Fixed cancelation of stop orders (SL & TP) – 9/11/2018
- Fixed error that made order placements fail for some exchanges (eg. Bitfinex)
- Binance: Fixed order amount calculations
- Deribit: Added leverage option (multiplying contracts) and fixed closing of short positions – 7/11/2018
- Deribit: Fixed calculation for u=currency and absolute q values / fixed precision / fixed SL & TP – 7/11/2018
- Added Deribit and Deribit Testnet support
- Improved last order success/error info in popup window
- Bitfinex: Added more supported pairs
- BitMEX: Removed OCO, OTO, OUOA and OUOP options from orders as per "contingencyType" deprecation announcement
- BitMEX: Fixed u=currency and absolute order quantity as per "SimpleOrderQty" deprecation announcement – 29/10/2018
- Added handshake with confirmation in log when remote Sync Storage configuration changes were picked up
- Bitfinex: Fixed "Invalid order price precision" error
- Binance: Fixed account balance query error
- Fixed alert last received/fired info not updating live anymore – 28/10/2018
- Added option to load remote configuration changes from Google Sync Storage (alerts & exchange options)
- Added information about defaults being used to manual alert run confirmation
- Added option to maximize the list of last accessed balances in the popup window
- Added option to minimize alerts in the local alert editor
- Removed restriction on number of alerts by saving each alert independently in Sync Storage
- Fixed buttons in UI sometimes not reacting to clicks – 28/10/2018
- Moved balance info data from synced to local storage due to size/frequency
- Improved saving of synced configuration data using less Chrome Storage API calls
- Split up handling of TradingView unsaved changes and quick reconnect into separate options
- Fixed configuration import not asking for/restoring all required Exchange permissions
- Fixed PV alert filter cache being reset sometimes and made it persistent
- Fixed error in TV/PV alert name matching
- Fixed manual alert testing sometimes running live commands erroneously
- Fixed error in balance processing causing PV popup to become non responsive – 24/10/2018
- Added alert command management in ProfitView including auto suggest and syntax highlighting
- Added the ability to execute and test alert commands manually
- Added filtering module to filter alerts within bar period, repeats etc. for both local and legacy alerts
- Added configuration import and export functionality
- Added automatic suppression of unsaved changes and quick reconnect on max devices in TradingView
- Added error handling and expected return parameters/logic to alert command syntax
- Added ability to set default account, exchange and symbol for commands both via syntax and GUI
- Added info about the last queried exchange balance to the popup window
- Added additional log output for order cancel/position close commands
- Added info on the number of executed commands to the log
- Error handling doesn't retry anymore on "internal" errors like missing API credentials
- Exchange Account names are now saved in their original case (but still work case insensitive)
- Bitfinex: Fixed price/balance calculation for non USD pairs
- Bitmex: Fixed leverage sometimes not being set correctly
- Coinbase Pro: Fixed errors for newly listed symbols
- Added more sanity checking to command syntax parser
- Added graceful error handling for most exchanges
- Lots of UI bug fixes and improvements – 28/9/2018
- Improved protection against auto tab discard of Chrome
- Added Privacy Policy – 20/9/2018
- Added further protection against auto tab discard feature of Chrome
- Fixed a bug with OKEx failing to query account balances
- Fixed a bug preventing logging of successful order placement details – 17/9/2018
- Big bugfix with loading the TV addon (interceptor), hopefully solving disconnect after reload and caching/update issues – 17/9/2018
- Fixed command retry/timeout not working under certain conditions – 17/9/2018
- Some tweaks regarding TV connection loss detection/refresh – 5/9/2018
- Fixed bug permitting Bitfinex API to work correctly
- Added info on global testmode enable/disable to log – 3/9/2018
- Fixed second problem of command parameters changing between retries – 30/8/2018
- Fixed error of command parameters changing between retries
- Some TV connection loss detection tweaks – 30/8/2018
- Several minor changes to TV reload logic and changed default to disabled – 30/8/2018
- Fixed a bug that kept error retry and timeout from working
- Fixed a bug that kept TradingView reload after timeout from working
- Added event trigger and fire timecodes to log output – 29/8/2018
- Added function to save/download the log
- Alert commands can now have comments with everything after "#" being treated as a comment
- Added option to disabled all commands globally (Testmode) including a button in the popup window
- Added available balance/equity info to log output
- Added Coinbase Pro Sandbox support
- Added option to reload TradingView tabs after time of inactivity
- Added option to open/reload TradingView tabs in case of connection loss
- Added option to disable reloading of TradingView tabs on update/restart
- Error retry and timeout now working and not duplicated anymore per account (settings are per exchange!)
- Added CSS injection to widen the Condition drop down in the Alert Dialog on TradingView
- Bitmex: Fixed ETHUSD calcuations and linked order cancelations
- Fixed last error and success info not being updated in popup window – 15/8/2018
- Fixed 'orderID' error message on closing of orders/positions
- Fixed Poloniex test command – 2/8/2018
- Added support for the Gemini Exchange
- Added CSS injection to widen the Alert Dialog on TradingView
- Added info on last successful and last failed actions (with timestamps) to the menubar popup window
- Added a restart button on the live log page to force a reload of the extension manually
- Improved the live log with message size limits, better formatting, improved scrolling and more options (that are saved now)
- Tightened the requested exchange permissions for better security!
- Improved saving of configuration and permissions – 31/7/2018
- Quickfix: decreased log retention due to Chrome LocalStorage size limitations!

1.0.4 – 28/7/2018
- Overhaul of popup window with easier access to the Settings window
- Added numerous additional debug and status metrics to the log
- Added persistent application log
- Added navigation in Settings window (direct linking to log viewer, browser back/forward/refresh etc. working) – 28/7/2018
- Fixed saving of permissions and unlock state!
- Fixed accidental duplication of API key if it was renamed

1.0.3 – 22/7/2018
- Added Coinbase Pro support

1.0.2 – 22/7/2018
- Fixed bug preventing communication with TradingView in some cases
- GUI changes

1.0.0 – 9/7/2018
- Initial release