More information about ProfitView can be found here.

  • Step 2: You will have a new tray icon in Chrome (the green ProfitView logo) which opens a popup window that will show the last used accounts and give a quick overview of the state of operations – click on the Options button to continue setting up ProfitView!
    Note: If you have problems with the TradingView connection at this point 
    it is best to log out of TV, clear the browser cache, restart Chrome and log into TV again!
  • Step 4: Setup your indicators and alerts on TradingView and map them to syntax scripts (PV Alerts) in ProfitView!     More in ➤ Basic Setup or ➤ Syntax Setup!
  • Step 5: Make sure that there is always at least one tab open in Chrome so that ProfitView can stay running (eg. about:blank, Google or TradingView)

Note: If you do not want ProfitView to automatically update or use the latest version, see ➤ manual installation instructions – only recommended for advanced users!

➤ Watch our Beginner Tutorials!

We currently offer OCC for scalping (primarily crypto derivatives/margin).
More info can be found in the FAQ section!

Quick Access Guide:

  • Please follow the steps below, once we grant you access:
  • Step 1: Click on the following link to go to the indicator page: OCC on TV
  • Step 2: Scroll down and click the button Add to favourites
  • Step 3: Navigate to a TV chart and click the Indicators button at the top of the page
  • Step 4: Find PV Open Close Cross under the Favourites tab and apply it to your chart
  • Step 5: Setup your indicator    ➤ See here for available OCC Presets (right-click in the indicator settings on TV to load!)
  • Step 6: Setup your alerts    ➤ More in OCC Standard Syntax and Syntax Setup!