Notify on TP / SL


For some variables (eg. balance) to be accessible you need to use the notify option together with a command (like updatebalance, check, close etc.)
– see the “Cmd” column on the “Setup: Commands” page in PV

Variable Description
account PV Account used for this command
alert Current PV alert name
available Available (free) balance of this account
balance Balance information (free + total) of this account
bartime Bar time (position in bar) when this alert was triggered
exchange Exchange used for this command
leverage Leverage information (set for this command or present in checked order/position)
price Final price calculated (or present in checked order/position)
time Current time
total Total balance (equity) of this account

Note: Additionally all syntax parameters (like q, b, s etc.) can be used and also all exchange specific fields – see the PV log when submitting orders for the corresponding field names!

check=pos notify=telegram:"{_symbol} {_side} position - entry: {_entry} - size: {_size} ({relSize}) - profit: {_profit} ({pnlTotal})" 

Tip: Check the log or the position monitor in ProfitView for all the fields that can be used in custom notifications!
In addition the following built in variables are available for notifications on position check or close commands:

Variable Description
_date Date/Time when position was opened (if supported)
_entry Average entry price of the position
_profit Absolute profit/loss of the position (native units/contracts)
_side Side of the position - long or short
_size Absolute size of the position (in native units/contracts)
_sizeUSD Absolute size of the position (in USD)
_sizeCoin Absolute size of the position (in “Coin”/market currency)
_symbol Symbol/market of the position
_symbols Symbols/markets of multiple positions (eg. ch=pos sym=*)
pnl PnL relative to the unleveraged margin used by the position
pnlLev Same as above but taking position leverage into account
(multiplied by leverage)
pnlTotal Current PnL in relation to total account equity
(use yield=balance for relation to available balance)
relSize Relative size of the position in relation to total account equity
(use yield=balance for relation to available balance)


Always double check that you are using the right syntax/alert!