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$499.99 / year $274.99 / half year Margin Trading All purpose indicator Customizable

OCC is a multipurpose moving average cross indicator that is primarily designed for swing margin trading and scalping cryptocurrencies but can be adapted to a multitude of high volatility assets. It features a daily and intraday trend confirmation filter, a proprietary Cross Strength filter and other smoothing filters, an Average True Range based (or trailing) stop loss, a broad range of volatility protection and take profit signals optimized to catch spikes besides a multitude of moving averages to optimize it's results for each asset.

Open Close Cross is based on an original idea by Albert Yang and developed into a working automatable strategy with proprietary technology (Cross Strength & Trend Filter, Price Variation etc.) by ProfitView LLC.

  - Swing/Scalping Strategy (Long/Short) for Margin trading
  - Cross Strength Filter
  - Daily and Intra-Day Trend Filter
  - Several Volatility (Protective) Filters
  - Adaptive Sideways Filter
  - Spike optimized Take Profit
  - Average True Range Stop Loss
  - Trailing Stop Loss
  - Detailed Stats and Debug Info
  - Realtime Paper Trading Simulation (Backtesting)
  - Pre-defined Alerts for easy Automation with PV
    (one alert for all conditions long/short etc!)

FTX & BitMEX Syntax Available OCC Presets! Comparison

Open Close Cross by Albert Yang
Cross Strength & Trend Filter by Sören Parker / ProfitView LLC
Hull Moving Average by Alan Hull
Double/Tripple Exponential MA by Patrick G. Mulloy
Super Smoother by John Ehlers
Zero Lag Exponential MA by John Ehlers
ALMA by Arnaud Legoux & Dimitris Kouzis-Loukas
Tillson T3 Moving Average by Tim Tillson
Jurik Moving Average by Mark Jurik
Volatility Switch by Ron McEwan
Relative Strength Index by J. Welles Wilder Jr.
Stochastic Oscillator by Dr. George C. Lane
Average True Range by J. Welles Wilder Jr.

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