$399.99 lifetime OR $36.99 / month (subscription)

ProfitView provides users with an advanced toolset to automate order placement, position management/monitoring and balance tracking on all of its supported exchanges – fully customizable with a simple yet versatile scripting language that reacts either to TradingView Alerts, utilizing ANY of the numerous available technical indicators or custom scripts on the platform, or to its internal scheduler enabling scripts to run on custom intervals.

ProfitView comes in the form of a Google Chrome extension that can easily be installed on a VPS for 24/7 usage, or if preferred on your local workstation to fulfill it's duty quietly in the background with the ability to send fully customizable notifications about all of it's actions via Email, Discord, Telegram, Text Message or IFTTT.

Also featured is an interactive position monitor with quick action buttons to open, add to, close and flip positions via an easy to use order dialog with useful options like stop loss, take profit, yield etc. and a simple syntax builder.

Everything can be completely remote controlled via its built-in Telegram Bot!

Upcoming features include realtime alerts, an interactive order/stop monitor, trailing and a neat dashboard giving you a quick overview of balance changes!

Syntax Setup

 - Complete remote control and triggering of alerts and commands via Telegram Bot functionality!
 - Additional commands and status checks to make orders much faster & execution safer
   (eg. “if-position-open-then”, closing orders avoiding overload errors, both time AND price slippage protection!, 
   bid-ask spread checks, transposing of plots to use signals from other charts, trailing limit entries and more)
 - TV Indicator Settings Manager to easily copy/paste/export/import all your indicator settings!
 - Highly customizable and built-in notifications via Email, Discord, Telegram, Twilio and IFTTT
   about all kind of actions/conditions
 - Realtime position monitor for all supported margin exchanges with direct-action buttons (close/flip etc.)
 - In-app command editor with auto suggest & syntax highlighting, including the ability to run,
   debug and organize alerts including “unified” Syntax (one set of commands per buy AND sell!)
 - Advanced expressions: calculations with OHLC & custom plots and conditionals (if/else)
 - Advanced Alert Filtering (Once per Bar / Solo per Bar / Repeats / Time in Bar / Trigger Length and more)
 - Ability to fire alerts in configurable intervals or schedules automatically WITHOUT any TradingView signals
   (can be used for Scheduling - eg. disable/enable alerts on certain times or dates, email balance updates, manage trades)
 - Ability to cache price and balance info for consistency within an alert
 - Optional execution of alerts and commands in parallel to reduce lag between multi account orders
 - Very detailed realtime statistics overview on all aspects of the app and each alert,
   making troubleshooting a breeze
 - Lock/Unlock function with timeframe check and expiration to run multi-resolution strategies per symbol
 - Custom order IDs for all supported exchanges! (including checking/filtering by ID!)
 - Ability to quickly save & load configuration including all alerts
 - Error handling options to retry/timeout all exchange operations plus many more advanced features
 - Ability to also use TV Screener Alerts to trigger all commands
 - Remote configuration via Google Sync propagation
 - Realtime log with much more detailed alert and order information
 - Realtime Alerts not using the TV alert system (!rtalerts - coming soon)
 - TV connection check, keep alive & automatic reconnect
 - Stable TV Event Stream connection even without TV tab open
 - Working fallback TV connection via TV chart addon
 - Overview of all last accessed account balances (also updateable via syntax command)
 - Export of balance info for all accounts, automatically in defined intervals if required
 - Quick popup info on last successful and last failed actions
 - Plus more commands to check BitMEX volatility index, CoinMarketCap stats and building
   more advanced strategies like “watcher” interval alerts for maximum automation
 - Lots of bug fixes and vastly improved UI
 - Tightened requested exchange permissions
 - Improved saving of configuration and permissions
 - One time pay AND monthly subscription!

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