Once I have paid for PV, when do I receive my registration code?

Once you have received at least two confirmations on the blockchain, you will receive an email containing your registration code.

(Please let us know if you haven't received a registration code within 24hr)

How do I request a trial for your Indicators?

Please join our Discord Server and type pvtrial in any channel. The bot will then DM you, asking for your TradingView username. You will receive another DM once access is granted. Over the weekend it may take a little longer. The Trial Period will last for 5 days.

How do I request a trial for ProfitView?

We don’t offer a ProfitView trial however it’s free to try out BitMex Testnet, Coinbase Pro Sandbox and GeminI Sandbox!

How much does the OCC and Multipass indicators cost?

OCC & Multipass is offered at annual cost of 0.03 BTC per year (each)

How much does ProfitView cost?

ProfitView 1.0 is offered as a lifetime subscription at a cost of 0.05 BTC

Can I setup ProfitView on a VPS? (virtual private server)

Yes, please check our VPS recommendation check here. Please note that it’s recommended to keep your TradingView tab open at all times.

In TradingView alerts I have my alert actions checked, is this correct?

We recommend that you uncheck all options under Alert Actions. Otherwise this can lead to a delay in delivering the alert.

TradingView is sometimes losing it’s connection, what can I do?

In the ProfitView options window go to General Options and make sure the option Open/ Reload TradingView on connection loss is checked, this should prevent future connection losses by automatically reloading TV tabs in these cases.

In case you are still experiencing similar issues, please open the following link in Chrome and change the setting in the dropdown menu on the right to Disabled:


Alternatively run Chrome with the command line option –disable-background-timer-throttling

TradingView Alerts have fired but I can’t see them on the chart?

Some indicators make use of moving averages, thus it is possible for a signal condition to be met during candle formation, but not met at candle close. Make sure your alerts are set to fire on bar close.

My TradingView Alerts are set to on bar closed but I’m not getting alerts that correspond to my chart.

TradingView alerts are linked to instances of Chart/Resolution and Indicator instance. Each time you edit the settings on an indicator a new instance is created. Thus your alerts still link to the old settings until they are edited or recreated. Select the new version of the indicator in the dropdown in your alerts, ensure triggers are correct and save. Refresh your chart when done and double check your alerts.

Please make sure that your computer’s clock is synced and has the exact current time. You can check this by visiting the following site: https://time.is/

It is also highly recommended that you enable auto clock syncing by either installing NetTime (available at http://www.timesynctool.com/ for Windows or following the instructions under http://www.macinstruct.com/node/92 to set up time syncing under OS-X)

What happens when BitMex overloads and I cannot get in/out of a position?

ProfitView can retry placing orders multiple times - just check the corresponding options at the bottom of the Exchange settings under Error handling

My exchange is not listed, what can I do?

We currently support all major exchanges. Please let us know if there is an exchange that is not listed and we will to take it into consideration.

My computer is overheating and/or shutting down, what can I do?

Open the following link in Chrome and change the setting in the dropdown menu on the right to Disabled:


Alternatively run Chrome with the command line option –disable-gpu