1) - Once I have paid for PV, when does my account get activated?

Once you have received at least two confirmations on the blockchain, you will receive an email containing your personal account code. (Please let us know if you haven't received a code within 24hr)

From that time on your account status in the app itself will change and you are good to go!

2) - How do I request a trial for your indicators?

For a few days of trial access send us a message on TV or email to support@profitview.app!

Please join our Discord Server and see the #results-only channel where you'll find numerous examples showing their effectiveness.

3) - How do I request a trial for ProfitView?

We don't offer a dedicated ProfitView trial – however all testnets can be used without a license or subscription on the regular version: Binance Futures Testnet, BitMEX Testnet, Bybit Testnet, Coinbase Pro Sandbox, Deribit Testnet, Gemini Sandbox, Kraken Futures Demo, KuCoin Sandbox, KuCoin Futures Sandbox, OANDA Sandbox, OKEX Demo, Phemex Testnet and SimpleFX Demo!

4) - How much does the OCC Indicator cost?

OCC is offered at a subscription cost of $499.99 for 12 months – or $274.99 for 6 months.

Visit our shop here!

5) - How much does ProfitView cost?

ProfitView 1.x is offered as a lifetime license at a cost of $399.99 or a monthly subscription at a cost of $36.99.

Visit our shop here!

6) - After I buy ProfitView or an indicator, how do I get help or support?

Once you have bought ProfitView or one of our indicators, please join our Discord Server and use the !register command in the #bot-commands channel to have our Discord bot guide you through the registration process (make sure you can receive PMs from “non-friends”!).

Just use the same email address you used to buy our product and the license code you got via email, for our indicators use occ or mp instead of the license code.
After you have registered you will have access to all our additional support channels on Discord including channels with different indicator settings ready to use!

7) - Does ProfitView only support OCC or does OCC only work with ProfitView?

Short answer: No!
ProfitView supports all indicators (not strategies!) available on TradingView that provide alert conditions. The other way around our indicators can also be used with other automation products.

Although this is not recommended as ProfitView is currently the best TradingView automation solution available and you would not benefit from its additional features such as advanced alert filtering, monitoring and notifications via Email, Discord, Telegram and more.

8) - How can I backtest the OCC Indicator?

While TradingView backtesting is quite limited and not really useful for crypto trading, newer versions of OCC have a complete paper trading simulation and backtesting built in!

Additionally you can use our Google Sheet to compare the profitability of different standard settings: https://profitview.app/strateval

9) - Can I setup ProfitView on a VPS? (virtual private server)

Yes, for information on our own VPS service please join our Discord Server and see the #vps-hosting channel.

10) - In TradingView alerts, what do I have to select?

Under Condition you have to select your indicator with the settings that you are using on your chart or that you want to run, then in the wide dropdown below it you select the alert condition (eg. “Entry”).
The narrow dropdown right next to the indicator selection only contains the graphs of the indicator which don't influence the main trigger condition and can usually be ignored!

We also highly recommend that you uncheck all options under Alert Actions, otherwise this can lead to a delay in the alert being picked up by ProfitView.
Further make sure you have Play Sound and general sound notifications in TradingView disabled especially if you use ProfitView on a VPS as this can lead to missed alerts!

(Alternatively see the next entry below for information on how to run without any TradingView tabs open)

11) - ProfitView is sometimes losing its connection to TradingView, what can I do?

In ProfitView go to General Options and make sure that Reload TradingView on connection loss is checked, this should prevent future connection losses by automatically reloading TV tabs in these cases.

If you are still experiencing similar issues, please open the following link in Chrome and change the setting in the dropdown menu on the right to Disabled:


Alternatively run Chrome with the command line option: –disable-background-timer-throttling

The most common causes for this issue are:
➣ Chrome throttling or unloading of background tabs/processes (see above)
➣ Low resources/memory especially on a VPS
➣ Using a normal TradingView account on more than one device (eg. your VPS and at home or a mobile device etc.)
➣ Saving your chart in a different tab or having unsaved chart changes
For some of these there are remedies available under General Options in ProfitView, but they are safety nets and should only be used if the listed causes cannot be resolved!

Another possible solution is to close all TV tabs and make ProfitView use the TradingView EventStream only to listen to alerts:
Make sure you have Auto open TradingView disabled and BOTH Reload TradingView options enabled under General Options, also enabling Always keep ProfitView options page open is recommended.
(Note: Your TradingView account limits regarding max devices, connection limits etc. still apply!)

12) - I have everything set up, do I need to leave a TradingView tab open at all times for each asset I want to trade?

No, one TradingView tab is perfectly fine for ProfitView to receive events from all your active alerts even from different chart timeframes and assets.
Alternatively you can also run ProfitView without any TradingView tab open, for more on that see the previous entry above.

13) - TradingView Alerts have fired but I can't see them on the chart?

Depending on how your indicator calculates its trigger condition (moving averages etc.) it is possible for a signal condition to be met during candle formation but not met at candle close.
Make sure your alerts are set to fire Once Per Bar Close. On timeframes over 15-30min it is also possible to use Once Per Minute and set the filter options in your ProfitView alerts accordingly:
Disable at least Bar Open and Start, make sure Once per Bar and Filter Repeats are both checked with Reset Repeat set to 2-3 times your chart resolution.

Another reason for signals to disappear after having fired is if your indicator combines multiple timeframes (different to the timeframe of your original chart).
In OCC for example this happens when you use a Resolution Multiplier greater than the default of 1 or select longer timeframes for Trend Confirmation Resolution different to your charts native timeframe.
Both features are still very useful, they just require more live testing and experimentation and you have to be aware of this behaviour.

Please also note: The new warning message Tradingview shows when creating or changing alerts is triggered just by the possibility of these occurences, because certain functions are used in the indicator.
For all setups that don't use a resolution multiplier >1 or a non-native trend confirmation resolution the warning does not apply and is not true!

14) - My TradingView Alerts are set to "Once Per Bar Close" but I'm not getting alerts that correspond to my chart.

TradingView alerts are linked to instances of chart/resolution + indicator settings. Each time you edit the settings of an indicator on your chart, a new instance is created.
Thus your alerts still link to the old settings until they are edited (updated) or recreated.

To change existing alerts, best do a reload of the TradingView tab first (Ctrl + Shift + R). Then select Edit on the alert and select the new version of the indicator settings in the Condition dropdown.
Ensure triggers are correct and the expiration time well into the future and hit save, best wait a few seconds before editing the next alert.
Once you are done, reload your TradingView tab again and double check your alerts.

15) - Sometimes I get error messages saying "expires is in the past" or "Timestamp for this request was ahead of the server's time" etc., what can I do?

Since ProfitView 1.3 an internal exchange time sync was added and is regularly run. However sometimes your OS time sync can interfere with this process.
Since ProfitView 1.3.3 the internal time sync is also triggered whenever this error is encountered from an exchange API.

The two alternative solutions to this problem are:

a) Either lower the PV time sync interval by lowering the value of “Exchange Time Sync Interval” under “General Options” (then PV will run the time sync more often)

b) Disable PVs internal time sync completely by setting “Exchange Time Sync Interval” under “General Options” to “0” and then using an external time sync tool:
We recommend installing NetTime (http://www.timesynctool.com/) for Windows – for OS-X follow the instructions under http://www.macinstruct.com/node/92 to set up time syncing!

Please make sure that your computers clock is synced and has the exact current time. You can check this by visiting the following site: https://time.is/

16) - What happens when BitMEX overloads and I cannot get in/out of a position?

ProfitView can retry placing orders multiple times - just check the corresponding options at the bottom of the Exchange settings under Error handling.

It is also highly advisable to set those really high (lots of retries with enough timeout inbetween) to ensure SL and TP orders are placed, which usually are the most important orders in your syntax.
At the same time you should then specify LESS number or retries (3-4) for your main position order by adding retries=<number> only to that line of your syntax.

Note: According to the BitMEX API documentation and the BitMEX Blog position closing orders are considered “reduce only” by default, so for c=position commands there is no need to specify r=1 – with the added benefit of closing orders without a quantity (PV will omit this automatically for q >= 100%) being completely exempt from load shedding while “reduce only” orders can fail!

17) - My exchange is not listed, what can I do?

We currently support all the major exchanges. Please let us know if there is an exchange that is not listed and we will take it into consideration.

18) - My computer is overheating and/or shutting down, what can I do?

Open the following link in Chrome and change the setting in the dropdown menu on the right to Disabled:


Alternatively run Chrome with the command line option –disable-gpu or see entry 11) in this list for information on how to run without any TradingView tabs open!

19) - How do I check my ProfitView VPS Status and Subscription?

Use the !vpsinfo command (Discord) and the ProfitView bot will send you a DM.

20) - Can I restart my ProfitView VPS?

Sure! Just run !restartvps in a channel (Discord) or a DM to the ProfitView Bot.

21) - How do I update my ProfitView VPS password?

Open a command prompt on your server and run net user administrator NewPassword where NewPassword is the password you would like to use.