3.5 - 5/5/2020
- Adapted to use Pinescript v4 enabling the use of plot values in alerts!
- Added option to show signal stats / overall profit loss calculation (beta / TP1 profit only!)
- Replaced SL Squeeze option with multiple SL-from-TP levels
- Added option for additional trade logic only stoploss (SL "Buffer")
- Added Min Spread option for better sideways protection
- Added Min/Max Spread Window options for improved "bart" protection
- Added ATR settings and ATR offset % to better tweak ATR stoploss
- Limited ATR with hard baseline stoploss
- Added Exit Loss Buffer % option to account for fees/slippage
- Added Trend Resolution option "From Chart"
- Added Trend Bar Delay option
- Improved RSI and Historic Volatility descriptions
- Added seperate Alert Conditions for TP/SL/Spike according to trade direction
- Added option to signal trades open longer than given number of bars
- Added Custom Name field to improve selection for multiple layers
- Fixed Spike Profit option sometimes triggering errornously
- New default settings optimized for XBTUSD 1H (90% win rate for >1yr!)

3.2 - 19/3/2019
- Added more timeframes to trend confirmation resolution
- Added option to show SL only before any TP
- Added min historic volatility to adaptive sideways filter
- Added optional max cross spread limiter

3.1 - 21/11/2018
- Added max price variation and max historic volatility limit filter against violent market corrections

3.0 - 15/11/2018
- Added adaptive sideways filter, engaging only in case a trade would exit with loss
- Integrated historic volatility index (based on BitMEX:BVOL24H) as sideways filter option
- Integrated trade volume threshold as sideways filter option
- Added adaptive override to "Not against bar trend" filter which keeps it from missing bigger moves
- Added adaptive override to sideways filter which keeps it from missing bigger moves
- Made window size of the min cross spread filter configurable which in turn makes higher min cross spread settings usable
- Multiple TP levels reached on one candle are now correctly shown/simulated
- When "Close Trades with" option is set to "Take Profit" it now issues the highest TP level
- Defaults are very specific to XBTUSD 1h favoring less trades with bigger profit per trade, 
  for more info please visit our Wiki and/or Discord!

2.6 - 16/10/2018
- BEHAVIOUR CHANGE: checkbox behind "Filter" now switches "Min Cross Spread %" on/off!
- fixed SL sometimes not showing orange while being in profit / change sideways defaults (max spread)
- Quickfix for change in TV wma function

2.5 - 15/10/2018
- Added option to chose entry price for TP/SL calculation
  (for once per bar alerts chose Open or Average, otherwise Close)
- Fixed TP signals not showing when triggered on same bar as entry
- SL / TP fixes for close vs open price setting

2.4 - 12/10/2018
- Improved plotting of SL in profit (yellow!) and SL on trade exit/entry
- Fixed classic (non adaptive) trailing (now behaving like trailing on your exchange)

2.3 - 9/10/2018
- New defaults based on XBTUSD 1hr with regular 1.2% profits
- Improved plotting of signals depending on trade state
- Added info if a swingtrade ended in loss

2.1 - 8/10/2018
- Completely new defaults, optimized for XBT 1hr and "no repaints" (used with "Once Per Bar Close")
- Fixed the signal repeat filter and enabled by default
- Optimized the max spread filter
- NOTE: The new default is not combining timeframes thus safer to use with the TV Alert System,
  still a multiplier greater 1 (if used correctly) should yield better results!
  (new settings and results will be published in our Wiki)
- Little trade state fix for cases where repeats were filtered
- Changed Trend Confirmation Defaults
- Added option to close trades after TP levels

2.0 - 20/9/2018
- Added optional RSI filter/confirmation
- Added max spread filter to avoid entering trades in spikes
- Added TP1-3 alert conditions in addition to general TP alert
- Fixed several trade logic issues
- NOTE: "Trend", "RSI" and "Sideways" are enabled/disabled via the checkbox next to their titles now!
- Fixed max spread filter & tweaked defaults

1.9 - 7/9/2018
- Added option to use HA candles internally as a smoothing filter
- Added option to not use "lookahead" for the moving averages, reducing "repaints"

1.8a - 6/9/2018
- Added second (historic) volatility filter for even better sideways avoidance
- Better handling of filtered signals
- Some bigger (again) fixes in TP/SL logic

1.7 - 4/7/2018
- Added simple price volatility filter to avoid sideways action
- Added option to avoid placing signals "against" bar trend
- Added seperate trend resolution multiplier (0 = same as main strat)
- Added "SL Squeeze" option to reduce SL % when certain profit % is reached
- Several TP/SL logic fixes (and "Spike TP" is a seperate trigger now)

1.6 - 19/8/2018
- Added optional laddering of Take Profit
- "Average True Range" based stop loss now working
- A lot of Stop Loss and Take Profit improvements/fixes
- Added more trend confirmation timeframes
- Fixed some trend confirmation timeframe calculations

1.5 - 17/8/2018
- Added "Average True Range" based stop loss option
- Fixed Take Profit misfires with active Trend Filter
- Split Take Profit into regular and "Spike" Take Profit
- Complete internal refacturing and overhaul of UI/settings
- Added T3 and ZeroLag EMA
- New default values to minimize repaints and even work ok with active Force Delay Close

1.4 - 13/8/2018
- Added optional long term trend filter (using the same parameters as the main resolution) to only trade with the trend!
- Added Take Profit option (with new corresponding alert condition) to catch short term spikes
- New default values / repeat filter off by default (still investigating TV Alert issues)

1.3 - 10/8/2018
- Tweaked defaults for XBTUSD 1hr 
- Please experiment with different multiplier and period settings depending on which asset you are trading!
  Also start tweaking with both "Min Spread %" settings set to 0 and then slowly setting them higher until too many signals 
  disappear then lower it slighty, set the realtime one higher than the non realtime setting if you want & try the different 
  realtime delay options to combat "Repainting" issues!
- Added option to always use the delay workaround, not only on realtime (so you can study it's effects better!)

1.1 - 7/8/2018
- Added filter against firing of multiple signals of the same type
- Added options to filter signals by MA spread (can be used as "repaint" remedy!)
- Added option to force delay of calculation when realtime (anti "repaint")

1.0 - 5/8/2018
- Fixed stoploss
- Renamed indicator