Need to run your PV bot 24/7?

Get a cheap pre-installed VPS powered by ProfitView!

Features and Benefits:

• Instant availability
• Powerful, Personal VPS optimised exclusively for your Crypto Trading
• Automatic configuration of ProfitView Mandatory Settings
• Optimised Unthrottled Chrome
• Automatic Updates 
• Cross-Platform Support – Access on your Phone, PC or Mac via RDP (No configuration required)
• 24×7 Monitoring of your VPS resources
• Your Software & Hardware infrastructure always kept up-to-date
• DDoS attack detection and protection
• Hardware Firewalls to prevent unauthorized access
• 100% Intel Cores. Featuring complete resource isolation, automatic scalability, and high availability. 
• 4 GB (Pro VPS) Guaranteed Ram + VSwap. 4 CPU cores.
• 1GB/s low latency connection
• 20 GB SSD Storage
• Network Isolation and completely secure.

Change your password on login and only you have access. Forgotten passwords mean a new machine rebuild so use something memorable!

Need / want a more powerful machine? In place upgrades are available.

Purchase Pro VPS

DigitalOcean - US-based. The gold standard. Locations available world wide.

Vultr - US-based, DigitalOcean-like.

Hetzner - German based, cheap and powerful. A guide on how to install windows on Hetzner can be found here.

Scaleway - Incredibly cheap but powerful VPS's, owned by, based in Europe.

OVH - Cheap VPS's, used by many people. France and Canadian locations available.

Time4VPS - Cheap VPS's, seemingly based in Lithuania.

Linode - More cheap VPS's!

You can always self-host on your own hardware. A Raspberry Pi will be more than sufficient for ProfitView.

A guide on how to setup PV on a RPi can be found here.