You can use the following syntax in a separate alert that is set to run in intervals!
See below for a screenshot on how to set up the alert in ProfitView – adjust interval frequency to taste, be aware of API throttling/ban if running too frequently!

e=BITMEX s=XBTUSD    ### remove this line if you are using separate alerts and the run= command (see end of this page) 
check=pos retries=0 iferror=abort iffound=abort ifnone=continue
### change expect=2 into expect=1 if you are only using one SL stop instead of 2 (OCC default: limit + market fallback) 
check=order id=*SL retries=0 save expect=2 noorder=done iffound=hadBing
check=order id=*TP retries=0 save
updatebalance notify=discord:":red_circle: __**{lastid.1} BONG!**__ :red_circle:\n`Balance: \z` **{balance}**\n",log:"*** {lastid.1} BONG! ***":-error
#lock=-1440  ### uncomment this to lock symbol for 24hrs after bong 
updatebalance notify=discord:":green_circle:  __**{lastid.1} BING!**__  :green_circle:\n`Balance: \z` **{balance}**\n",log:"*** {lastid.1} BING! ***":-success

Note: Don't forget to switch the log option to “Errors Only” after testing to not flood your log unnecessarily!

Alternatively the checking logic from above can be saved to a separate PV alert that is then referenced only from the interval alerts (for each symbol/account) as pictured below.
This also makes use of the new format to specify all three – exchange, symbol and account – in the account parameter (separated by colon).