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   * [[tutorials:​enable_and_configure_exchanges|Enable and configure Exchanges]]   * [[tutorials:​enable_and_configure_exchanges|Enable and configure Exchanges]]
   * [[tutorials:​add_an_indicator_to_tradingview|Add an indicator to TradingView]]   * [[tutorials:​add_an_indicator_to_tradingview|Add an indicator to TradingView]]
-  * [[tutorials:​create_an_alert_in_profitview|Alerts in ProfitView]]+  * [[tutorials:​alerts_in_profitview|Alerts in ProfitView]]
   * [[tutorials:​create_an_alert_in_tradingview|Create an alert in TradingView]]   * [[tutorials:​create_an_alert_in_tradingview|Create an alert in TradingView]]
   * [[tutorials:​F.A.Q|Frequently asked questions]]   * [[tutorials:​F.A.Q|Frequently asked questions]]